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Kyle to Double up with Pirates
Photo by Dave Payne
Tue 27 Nov 2012 by Steve Whitehead
Kyle Howarth agrees terms to double up with Elite League Poole Pirates
Poole boss Matt Ford impressed by Howarth's commitment
Workington fixtures will generally take priority
Kyle Howarth has agreed terms to double up with Elite League Poole Pirates in 2013.
Kyle, who is a Poole asset, is still in Australia where he has already won the Queensland U21 title, will ride in one of a maximum of 3 doubling up positions Poole will have available to them.

Poole promoter Matt Ford said "I have always been impressed by Kyle's attitude and commitment and he has potential that I believe we can tap into. He has continued to make good progress in the sport. Gaining more experience at Elite league will do his career no harm and I don't think the pressures of riding top flight really faze him.

"Before the Conference I was aiming to use him and Kyle Newman in a shared position, but the rule change means that doubling up riders no longer share places in an Elite side, so he will start in one of the reserve berths by right whilst also riding in the Premier League with Workington.

"Kyle just loves to get out on his bike and give it his best. Its a great attitude he has and without putting too much pressure on him for next season I reckon he could be a steal on his low average."

Doubling up rule changes agreed at this years BSPA conference means that whilst Workington's fixtures will take priority, if we have a meeting postponement and we decide to rerun the meeting on the same night as a previously fixture listed Poole fixture Kyle will have to ride for Poole and Workington will be given a facility to replace him.

This means that Workington will have to have one eye on Elite League fixtures when re-arranging fixtures as we could end up with several of our riders doubling up in the Elite league due to the number of clubs wanting to use this facility.
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