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Plus Two Equals Seven
Thu 06 Dec 2012 by Steve Whitehead
Rusty Harrison returns as third heat leader
Tero Aarnio returns with a point to prove
Team completed using 42.3 of the 42.5 available points
Rusty Harrison and Tero Aarnio complete the 2013 Comets line-up.
With the 12.91 left for the last 2 riders the Comets management team have signed the combination they believe gives the Comets a really strong looking balanced side with everyone capable of increasing their average.

Discussions with Rusty have been ongoing for some time, with a break in between whilst he was away in Italy with work. After several phone conversations and face to face meetings the management know Rusty is really up for the challenge and has the ability to become virtually unbeatable around Derwent Park as well as having the ability to deliver consistent points scoring away from home.

It was obvious from the outset of the discussions with Rusty that he was very conscious of how his season finished last year and understands why he has lost the respect of some of the fans but the way his eyes light up and the excitement he has about riding for the Comets again we have no doubt he will be back to his best. He will have a full time mechanic and is raring to go. He is "looking forward to a massive year". The promotion are more than convinced we have the rider we have been after.

Tero jumped at the chance of riding at Derwent Park again in 2013. He also feels he has a lot to prove, he was really disappointed with his season in 2012. He is a very capable rider who, if he rides to his 2011 standard, will be a 7 point rider who will bolster the middle order of the team.

Even better will be if he meets the level of performances he shows on the continent where he is regularly beating quality riders in Sweden. Tero will be basing himself in the Workington area again and is investing a lot of money on equipment to "show the Comets fans what he can really do".

So, on a team building front, that's it - we have 7 riders who are relishing the chance and want to ride for the Comets in 2013, we have 7 riders who can ALL increase their average and in there a couple of riders who could increase their averages by a significant amount. All in all a team that, avoiding bad luck, will take some beating at Derwent Park and give some other teams a problem on their own track. But the most important thing we think we have a team that will entertain and a team you all can get behind.
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