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Thomas Armstrong Holdings Continue as Main Sponsor
Photo by Adrian Randell
Thu 20 Dec 2012 by Press Office
Thomas Armstrong continue their long standing relationship
Keith Denham delivers on promise to continue support
Comets promotion continue to look for key team partners
Workington Speedway are extremely pleased to announce that Thomas Armstrong will continue as main sponsor of the Workington Comets
As promised during his recent exit from Workington Speedway, Keith Denham has agreed to continue to support the Comets on and off the terraces by completing a deal with the new owners to extend Thomas Armstrongs' long standing relationship with Workington Speedway.

The two parties have been in discussion for several weeks after Keith had taken a short break away from speedway and quickly agreed the terms of the deal. Whilst these terms remain confidential it means the Comets can come to tapes with the support of the major local company and employer.

Keith was pleased to be able to help and was happy for Workington Speedway to continue to look for key team partners who can also play a major part with the Comets in 2013.

We would like to publicly thank Keith and his team for their continued support and hope the Comets can provide value for money for all partners and sponsors.
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