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Close Season News From Rich and Rene
Photo by Dave Payne
Mon 07 Jan 2013 by The Promotion
Just two weeks after the season was over
Rene went on holiday with his girlfriend, Stefanie.

"We were away for a week and it was nice to just chill out after a busy season.
After we got back home I had my operation booked. ( To get the pin out of my leg after my crash at Newcastle)
I went to the hospital and was all ready in my theatre gown, went to the operating table and was all ready to get ”knocked out”,
when the Doctor told me they had to cancel the operation because I had a cold. (I got a cold the last night we rode in Workington and that was the same one I could´t get rid of.
So after all this i had a chat with my own doctor about the whole thing. He told me it could take a week or maybe 2-3 weeks before I could have the operation. Therefore I decided to wait another year to get the pin out. I didn´t wanted to risk not being able to run and train for the new season to be sure I'm fit. ( and the pin is not doing any harm at all so it wont affect my riding or traning.)

When I went on Holiday my dad decided to rip the whole workshop down and re do it all to improve it. It's taken him and my Granddad almost two months to get it all done. But they have done a great job and its so nice to come home and do the bikes in the Workshop now.

In december I had a bit of time to hang out with my mates and family. At the same time I got a job. This was pretty good for me cause it gave me something to do plus I had a chance to make some extra money.
I was working in a place where they do windscreen washing. They are normally very busy during november and december so a few speedway guys normally get a job there to help out.
I was working with Glasgow´s Henning Bager, and some of you might remember Jonas Raun aswell, he use to ride for Newcastle a few years ago.

During all this I had ordered all my stuff for next year.
I've already got one bike built up and ready to go but I've still got 4 to go before march so plenty og stuff to look after now.
I've invested a lot of money into my bikes next season to make sure everything is all good and ready to do the job.

In two weeks time some of the boys from the UK are coming over to see Danmark for a few days.
Steven Dews my mechanik, Andrew Tully, Derek Sneddon, Jamie Robertson (Old Workington rider)
They are going to see Claes Nedermark for two days because Claes normally lives with Jamie when he is in UK and then they are going to come to my place for another two days before they travel home again."

Rich has spent the last month in Australia with his girlfriend.

"It was great to finally feel some sun and relax. We visited some beautiful places and had a really nice time. We started off in Sydney then went upto Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, then back down to Sydney to see the new year in.

I've been contacting sponsors and trying to get that side of things sorted for the new season. Another week or so and that should be all ready.

My race suit for this year is going to be a bit different from the last couple of years along with the bike covers and guards, it's still in design process but as soon as the sponsors are sorted it will be ready to be made. I'm excited to show them off at P&P already.

A bit of disappointing news on the Elite league side. Since the end of the season I have been promised a team place with Peterborough from more than one member of their promotion and was thought to be a done deal. I had even turned down a very good offer from another team. Now Peterborough have said I'm not needed. I'm very annoyed to be messed around like this. Now most other teams have there riders in place so it could mean me starting the season without an EL team.

The rest time is over now and the training begins to be ready for march. Probably start riding the bike again in February all depending on the weather of course."

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