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Comets Car Sharing Pool
Thu 31 Jan 2013 by The Promotion
Car Sharing Pool introduced to help supporters reduce travel costs
Looking for Drivers & Passengers
Easy to Register
Workington Speedway would like to announce the launch of our Car Sharing Pool
We are very conscious that being in a very rural location a lot of our supporters travel quite some distance to get to us, and with Cumbria being one of the largest counties in the UK we would like to support the reduction of your travelling costs by introducing our Car Share Pool.

What is a Car Share Pool - well its basically a database of people who are either driving to Derwent Park with spaces in the car or people who would like to go to Derwent Park and are looking for a lift, we will collect this information and match up Car Share Pool pals and get them in contact with each other.

For someone who may be, for example, driving from Carlisle to Workington every Saturday in the car on their own, if we match them up with other people from Carlisle and they share the lift and costs, it would mean the person driving could quarter their travel costs! which would mean a great saving.

It would also allow us to reduce the carbon footprint of our fans travelling to Derwent Park

So whats next, well we need anyone interested, whether they are someone who wants to drive but is looking for passengers or someone who is looking for a lift, to register with us by one of the following options

- phoning us at the office on 01900 810059 (between 8.30-4.30pm Mon-Fri) and telling us that you want to be part of the scheme
- emailing us on ccs@workingtoncomets.co and providing us with the right information
- completing the online form which will be available from tonight.

You will then hear from us in the near future with your proposed Comets Car Pool Pals and the rest is up to you.

The information we will need is as follows and we will only share the minimum required for contact to be made

Full Name
Post Code
House Number
Email Address
Mobile Phone Number
How many people in family or group going to speedway
Are they a driver looking for passengers (if so how many)
Are they looking for a lift
How much do they think they should pay for the lift
Would they travel on a bus if provided
Season Ticket Holder (Y/N)

We will also need permission from you to share some of your details.

Don't delay let us help you find your Car Pool Pal!
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