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Comets to Collaborate with Carlisle Youth Zone
Thu 07 Feb 2013 by Press Office
Workington Speedway collaborate with Carlisle Youth Zone
1500 members between 8 and 25 years old
Workington Speedway have made an agreement with Carlisle Youth Zone to work with them to provide an opportunity for its members to enjoy a family night out at the Speedway
Carlisle Youth Zone represents a modern, engaging, exciting and relevant take on the youth clubs of the past. It is open to all young people aged 8-21 (and up to 25 for those with disabilities and/or learning difficulties) and serves the social, recreational and emotional needs of young people of the area whenever their schools are closed.

Workington Speedway were approached and asked if we could help provide CYZ members and their families an enjoyable "family night out". We were delighted to be able to contribute to our local community as well as reaching out a bit further from West Cumbria.

CYZ has 1500 youth members, all who hold an CYZ ID card. The tie up means that Workington Speedway will offer a substantial discount to families of Youth Zone members when they visit Derwent Park for a speedway meeting and present their ID card.

As well as this we will make promotional visits with riders etc to improve the members awareness of what speedway is and to allow them access to something in which they make take a keen interest.

Along with this we will also work with Northside Training Track if any of the members have aspirations to "have a go!".

Steve Whitehead said "this is one of the most exciting things we have done to date, when Claire Fidler of the Youth Zone approached us we were only too happy to help out"."Plus it gives us access to 1500 young people we may not have been able to reach before"

Workington Speedway will work with CYZ on new initiatives and projects that they may want us to be involved in and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship

We will also be looking at other similar organisations that have registered members that can be identified to work with in a similar way.
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