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Michael Max returns
Photo by Dave Payne
Wed 20 Feb 2013 by
Popular Michael Max will return to the centre green
on 6 April courtesy of supporters messages expressing their sadness at his retirement. Max, who had also retired as Glasgow centre green announcer said,
"I have to say I have been humbled by the amount of messages I have received stating disappointment about my not returning"
Michael will continue into mid-season and will then review his position.
"When Michael informed me he would not be returning in 2013 I was very disappointed. Not only because I was looking forward to working with him but because finding a replacement for him would be extremely difficult. We have widely advertised our intention to try and enhance the DP experience and having someone experienced on the centre green mic is part of the presentation. Being a new promotion with so many preparations, it would have been a real headache trying to find someone else. We are delighted he is back on board."
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