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Mason Waiting For Clearance To Take Off
Photo by Dave Payne
Fri 08 Mar 2013 by Press Office
The Comets new winter signing, Mason Campton, is champing at the bit to get back to the UK but for now he is having to wait patiently whilst all the formalities are completed.
Workington Speedway has been trying to obtain their sponsor licence since the end of December (once the deal to purchase him from Glasgow was completed) and, even though numerous exchanges of paperwork have been completed, we are still waiting for the final approval.

Everything else is ready for the arrival of the young Aussie; his bikes are en route from Sydney, and will be picked up from Glasgow next week, while his accommodation, transport and workshop are all ready and waiting for him to touch down in the UK.

Laura Morgan, Comets owner and Co-promoter said: “Whilst it is very frustrating for both us and Mason, we have a due process to complete and its taking a little bit longer than expected. We have sent numerous envelopes of information to the UK Border Agency but can only contact them via email; you can't actually pick up the phone and ring anyone to find out what the current status is. However, we have had a call from them to say that getting it sorted for March 23rd shouldn't be a problem, but we are at their calling so we have no choice but to wait and see.”

The Workington promotion are keeping Mason fully updated on the status and while he can't wait to get over here he totally understands the situation.

Steve Whitehead, Co-Promoter added: “We are aware that some people have heard that we are having problems with Masons' visa so we thought it better to set the record straight. There is nothing to worry about as these things happen, and we are certainly not the first, nor will we be the last club, to experience these sort of problems. But, whilst the timing is getting tight, we are still confident we will have it sorted in time for tapes up against Newcastle on 30th March.”
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Dave Payne, Adrian Randall