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Comets Left Reeling By Latest Campton News
Wed 03 Apr 2013 by
The Workington Comets management left reeling
on Wednesday by the news that new Australian signing Mason Campton's visa to join the Comets had been refused at the Australian end.

“We just could not believe it when Mason got in touch with the news,” said Comets owner Laura Morgan.

“We have experienced numerous delays in the process, which started in the first week of January, but having finally received the appropriate clearance from the UK Border Agency some weeks ago we were led to believe that the Australian side of things was something of a formality, as Mason has a valid Work Permit until the end of this year,” she added.

“Mason was also under the same impression, especially after his subsequent interview in Australia and he had his bag packed and was all ready to go when the clearance came through; but that has all changed.

“Mason is devastated by the news and naturally we are challenging the decision, as is Mason, who has the full support of his family in trying to overturn this ruling. In fact Mason and his family have already engaged an immigration lawyer at their end and we are seeking similar professional advice at this end.

“While parallels may be drawn in relation to other riders that have been issued with the same decision the case of Mason's has some fundamental differences. These will form the basis of a challenge, which we all hope proves to be successful and then we can have him on track here at the earliest opportunity.”

Campton, who was purchased outright from Glasgow during the close season by the new Comets management, said from his home in New South Wales, Australia: “I am absolutely gutted and cannot understand the decision. So many people in the UK and in Australia have spent so much time, money and effort to get me racing at Workington this year and now this has happened. I cannot believe it. All I want to do is ride my bike for the Comets. And I had never looked forward to a season so much as this. We need to try and get this decision changed as soon as possible.”

In the short term, for this coming Saturday's home clash with Redcar, the Comets have no option under the Speedway Regulations other than to book a National League guest in Campton's place, as a Premier League guest cannot be used as cover for a rider that has not yet ridden for a club. After that the Comets will need to arrange a temporary replacement in a re-declared team at least three days before a fixture and, in the worst case scenario, find a permanent replacement.

However, at present the Comets management and Mason's family are exploring every possible avenue to get the young Australian on track at Derwent Park at the earliest possible opportunity.
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