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Mason Home but Not Forgotten
Photo by Kay Campton
Thu 23 May 2013 by Press Office
Mason Campton proudly shows off his Team Colours as he gets to grips with being back home whilst the Comets motor on in 2013
Mason, a Comets asset, was harshly dealt the blow of no having his visa validated when changing teams from Glasgow to Workington.

He is back home in Australia working and getting ready for next season. Having spent quite a bit of money preparing for 2013 his bikes are sitting in a workshop in the UK along with a lot of bits he thought he would need for the season.

Now he is in the process of assembling another bike in Australia to get lots of practice in readiness for 2014, when he will have a huge point to prove and the bit between his teeth due to what has happened.

Mason was very excited to receive his team gear and race bib and will be wearing it with pride back at home as he is part of the TEAM.
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