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Date agreed for Knockout Cup tie at Somerset
Photo by Dave Payne
Fri 31 May 2013 by Comets Press Office
Comets visit Somerset on Tuesday 18th June for KO Cup tie.
After several weeks of discussions it has now finally been agreed that we will visit Somerset for the second leg of our Knockout Cup quarter-final tie on TUESDAY 18th June at 7:30pm, just three days after the first leg at Derwent Park.

This means that our scheduled visit to the Oak Tree Arena on Friday 5th July will now revert to becoming the Premier League fixture as originally planned.

When this weekend's Premier League Pairs is taken into account it means that the Comets management, some riders and any keen supporters will be making three trips to the Oak Tree Arena in just five weeks.

Although not considered an obvious, or even ideal, date to visit the home of the Rebels we were left with no practical alternative after several dates proposed by both parties were unsuitable due to one reason or another, primarily rider availability.

Such are the rules in 2013 that any scheduled fixture (not just in the UK, but in specific European Leagues also) takes priority over any additional or re-arranged fixture as Comets team manager Tony Jackson explained:

“A typical illustration of how the rules are in 2013 occurred when one of the dates suggested by Somerset was a night when Richard was riding for Lakeside in a scheduled fixture. IF we had accepted that date Lakeside would have used Richard while we would have had to get a guest rider in place of Richard despite him being our asset and captain.

“Then, if you throw into the equation the various planning restrictions surrounding running of speedway at the Oak Tree Arena it becomes an almost impossible problem to resolve as you cannot run twice in a week and the decision by Sky TV to broadcast a meeting mid-week in early June simply caused more difficulty!”
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