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The Comets Leave it Late But Take the Win
Photo by Adrian Randall
Sun 21 Jul 2013 by Press Office
Passion was a must in Heat 15 from all involved with the Comets to win the meeting against Somerset last night
As you can see from the photo, Tony Jackson showed just how much winning means to everyone involved with the Comets, and everyone played their part in willing on the two Comets in Heat 15 but the passionate Comets fans can claim the victory after the backing the team got.

Kyle and Rene were the on track heroes who pulled off a magnificent 5-1 in the final heat to win the match 45-44, Kyle was so fast out in front but Rene rode like his old self to keep the really fast Nick Morris from getting past him to ensure the majority of the points stayed in Cumbria

Somerset again were more than a match for the Comets for most of the match and probably deserved more than the point they took home but they came up against Workington Speedway at its best, not just the riders but the whole club which proved we are all in this together and everyone can shout


The riders are going to need that sort of the support both home and away as we attempt our challenge for the major honour this season

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Dave Payne, Adrian Randall