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Rene takes over as number one
Photo by Dave Payne
Mon 29 Jul 2013 by Comets Press Office
New August averages place Rene Bach at number one
Saturday's home meeting against Rye House will see a change at number one for the Comets with the newly issued August averages putting Rene Bach in the number one race-jacket with an increased average of 8.56, up from his July figure of 8.06.

Rene will change places with Richard Lawson, who will move to the number five position vacated by Rene, despite his average having risen slightly to 8.29 for August, when compared to his July figure of 8.23.

The Official ‘Green Sheet' Averages have, for the past two seasons, been rolling averages based on 38 matches but this season each month has seen the number of matches taken into consideration gradually reduced on a month by month basis until, by the end of the season they will be based on the riders past 24 Premier League fixtures.

Comets team manager Tony Jackson said: "I am sure that Rene will relish being at number one while Richard will be determined to regain his number one position and such healthy competition can only be good for the team. Both riders will be keen to have a good August as at the end of the month their matches will count towards the September ‘Green Sheets' and those are the ones that determine which rider represents their club at the prestigious Premier League Riders' Championship, which takes place at Sheffield on Sunday 22nd September.

"It was agreed at last season's AGM that 38 matches was too many and actually resulted in riders having averages influenced by matches that took place almost two years ago, which was clearly not truly representative of a riders current form. This had the effect of keeping riders on artificially low or artificially high averages, which was certainly far from ideal when booking guests etc.

"The new method, based on a riders last 24 matches will give a much more realistic indication of current form, however at present we are in the transition phase as the number of matches considered is gradually reduced month by month.

"Previously if a rider had ridden say 6 matches in a month they would count towards his new average and the 6 oldest matches included in the previous month's figures would no longer count. This year if the 6 latest matches are included you will lose the last 8 or 9 oldest matches as the number of matches considered is gradually reduced.

"This explains why some riders have seen larger than usual falls or jumps in their monthly figures and also explains some anomalies, such as what happened to Tero Aarnio a couple of months ago; where his average fell, even though he had not ridden in the previous month due to injury, purely due to losing 2 or 3 of his oldest matches where he had scored well.

"However, by the end of the season everyone should have a more representative figure by their name than they had at the end of last season, which can only be good for everyone concerned.”
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