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Lewis Rose to guest in place of Ashley at Ipswich
Photo by Dave Payne
Wed 14 Aug 2013 by Comets Press Office
Rose to ride on the Heath
Workington Comets will be using King's Lynn's National League rider Lewis Rose in the number 6 race-jacket on Thursday night at Ipswich in place of the injured Ashley Morris.

Team manager Tony Jackson said: "Ashley had hoped to be fit to ride but, unfortunately, Thursday has come a bit too early in his recovery process.

"Now the swelling has gone down on Ashley's left hand it is starting to improve but the ligaments still need time to repair themselves. Ashley had another x-ray once the swelling had gone down to check again for an injury to his scaphoid, but again the good news was that there was no break evident.

"While ligaments can be a bad injury the doctors and his physio are both confident that he will be back in action by the time Newcastle visit Derwent Park on Saturday 24th August. In the meantime, with Ashley being seventh in our averages, we are only permitted to use an eligible National League guest. That immediately eliminates the use of any NL riders that currently ply their trade in the Premier League and it also prevents any current NL rider that has had an average of over 4.00 in the PL in the past.

"As I again found last week, there is not a huge amount of riders to pick from and on this occasion we have selected King's Lynn NL rider Lewis Rose.

"Lewis is yet another rider that has come into speedway after spending time riding Moto-cross and in the short time he has been in the sport he has developed very quickly. In fact King's Lynn team manager Dale Allitt says that there are many similarities between him and his NL team-mate Lewis Kerr, who is now with Newcastle.

"A couple of months ago Somerset gave Lewis Rose a few outings when their seventh rider was ruled out through injury and having seen him ride for them at both Derwent Park and the Oak Tree Arena we have now decided to give him an opportunity at Ipswich!

Thursday's match at Ipswich also gives the Comets an opportunity to try a new riding order, which sees them swap three riders around. The new riding order is:
1 Rene Bach, 2 Rusty Harrison, 3 Kyle Howarth, 4 Tero Aarnio, 5 Richard Lawson (c), 6 Lewis Rose (Guest), 7 Chris Mills
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