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The skipper returns to Number One!
Photo by Dave Payne
Thu 29 Aug 2013 by Comets Press Office
Richard Lawson to move back to number one for September
The latest official 'Green Sheet' averages have just been issued by the BSPA and they show our skipper Richard Lawson returning to the number one position for September after having been ousted by Rene Bach for the month of August.

The new rolling averages show Richard's figure rising from its August figure of 8.29 to a September value of 8.42.

Meanwhile Rene's average has fallen from 8.56 to 7.96 and so he will revert to the number five position that he occupied earlier in the season before his month at number one!

These figures take into account any matches raced up to and including Friday 23rd August, although in the case of the Comets our last match to qualify was Thursday 15th August, away at Ipswich. After that we raced no more fixtures up to the 23rd August.

This saw us race five league matches in the last month, the scores of which are added to the existing matches in order to calculate the 'Green Sheet' averages for September. However, at the same time, a quantity of the older matches are removed from the calculations. This can explain some of the wild fluctuations in the monthly figures which can occur when some previously poor performances, or good performances, are no longer included in the calculation.

Richard's first match back at number one will be away at Rye House on Saturday 7th September.
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