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Comets In Play Offs But Should Have Won At Rye House
Photo by Ken Burnett
Mon 09 Sep 2013 by Comets Press Office
Rusty given 3rd when image shows he was 2nd
Would have given the Comets a win at Rye House
Feel hard done by especially after the decisions at Newcastle
The Workington Comets have been confirmed as qualifiers for the Super Six Championship Play Offs last night as Leicester failed to win at Newcastle
But the Comets management, riders and Rusty in particular should feel aggrieved at not taking more points at Rye House as still images show that Rusty did win his Heat 8 encounter with Ben Morley as everyone at the ground thought (well except the referee!).

That extra point would have meant that the Comets would have won away at Rye House and taken enough points to qualify on Saturday.

Whilst it was almost certain (needing Leicester to take four points at Newcastle and Redcar to take four points at Rye House for the Comets to miss out) the Comets feel that the decisions are not going their way at the moment especially after the harsh decisions at Newcastle when Chris Mills and Kyle Howarth were in our view wrongly excluded.

Steve Whitehead, Co-Promoter said: "You would like to think that the decisions balance themselves out during the season but right now it doesn't feel that way. We all thought Rusty had got it and in fact had put a 2-4 result down in our programmes for that heat when it was announced the referee thought differently".

But he continued: "Its academic now and we can all (riders fans and management) feel proud to be in the play offs and now we are there it is anyone's title."

The still images are taken from the Rye House track video produced by and available from Ken Burnett at T2TVMediauk.
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