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Rusty Harrison Testimonial Press Release
Photo by Dave Payne
Wed 26 Feb 2014 by Mike Hunter on behalf of Rusty Harrison
RUSTY HARRISON TESTIMONIAL MEETING - Derwent Park, Workington, Saturday 5th April
Rusty Harrison has an early season Testimonial (“Rusty's Didgeri Do”!) at Workington on Saturday 5th April, celebrating a UK career which started nearly 14 years ago, the majority of it spent with the Comets. Rusty will race for Glasgow this summer but holds his Testimonial at his old base.

He's put an excellent field together, with the two most recent additions being ex-Comet Adam Roynon (now Sheffield) and Theo Pijper who this summer will be a team mate of Rusty's at Glasgow.

Roynon is returning from injury, all too common in his career unfortunately, but still full of enthusiasm following what he thought was a very successful practise at Scunthorpe.

He said “Rusty replaced me at Workington in 2010, but I rode with him in 2012 before he decided to pack it in for the season. That's the only time we rode together.

“I've always got on with him, he's a really likeable guy that everyone gets on with, and he comes out with the odd witty comment, typical Aussie fashion! A great guy.

“He likes to stick it in the dirt and rail round the boards, hanging on to the bike while hanging off it, then he comes in the pits after a great race and tells you he hated it!

“I don't know how anyone can ride that good round the boards then come in and tell you they've not enjoyed it!

“I'm pleased to have the chance to honour him for his career, and also to race back at Workington, a track that I love. I'm track record holder round there, I didn't ride there last season so going back there after the great year I had at Workington is a little added bonus as well.”

Dutchman Pijper agrees with the assessment of Rusty. “I rode with Rusty at 2005 so that's going back a long way! He's always been a good rider and deserves to be getting a Testimonial. Like most of us he has had his ups and downs!

“Since then I've only seen him when I've been riding against him, we've always got on. If he's behind you, you try to go quicker because he is always there!

“We speak regularly, he's a family man like me nowadays and I'm looking forward to riding with him for Glasgow. I think he will do a good job for us.”

The field for the meeting so far is: Peter Kildemand, Ty Proctor, Rory Schlein, Kauko Nieminen, Josh Grajczonek, Rene Bach, Simon Stead, Richard Lawson, Kenneth Hansen, Aaron Summers, Ricky Wells, Stuart Robson, Theo Pijper, Adam Roynon.
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