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Workington 50 Newcastle 45
Photo by Dave Payne
Sun 17 Aug 2014 by Comets Press Office
Workington Comets 50 Newcastle Diamonds 45 (PL)
Saturday 16th August

WORKINGTON 50 NEWCASTLE 45 (Premier League)
Match points: Workington 2 Newcastle 1

J.Grajczonek 3 2* 3 3 2 - - 13+1
K.Howarth 1 3 3 0 - - - 7
R.Bach 3 2 3 3 1* - - 12+1
M.Campton 0 1* 1 0 - - - 2+1
R.Wells 2 0 F 1 - - - 3
K.Lykke 2* 3 1 2 - - - 8+1
L.Carr 3 1* 1 0 - - - 5+1

D.King 2 3 6^ 2 3 - - 16
L.Rose 0 0 X 2* - - - 2+1
S.Robson 1* 1* 1* 2 0 - - 5+3
L.Kerr 2 4^ 2 3 - - - 11
L.Lindgren 3 1 2 0 - - - 6
S.Nielsen 1 0 0 2 0 1* 1 5+1
D.Phillips N - - - - - - 0

The Comets overcame Newcastle to take victory in the first match of their frantic end of season run that will see them chasing points and fixtures to try and make the top six by the Play-off Cut-off date of Sunday 14th September.

However,they fell agonisingly just short of being able to take all three league points on offer as the Diamonds claimed five additional points through their two tactical rides to close their deficit to just five points at the completion of heat 15.

The night suffered a delay of around 55 minutes following a tight first bend in heat 2 that saw Newcastle's National League guest Danny Phillips take a heavy fall, which resulted in an ambulance ride to Carlisle where he was detained in hospital overnight for observation.

Meanwhile, despite the threat of rain, the two teams fought a great battle on track with some excellent racing but by far the race of the night came in heat 7 when the Comets guest reserve Kasper Lykke fought a terific four-lap duel with Newcastle's Lewis Kerr.

Kerr was on a tactical ride but it was Lykke that emerged victorious as the Diamonds pulled back two points to make the score 26-18 in Workington's favour going into heat 8.

The Comets pulled back those two points from the previous race in the eighth heat, which was awarded after Newcastle's Lewis Rose ploughed into the air fence, bursting a panel, as he entered turn one for the third time while riding a wide line in an attempt to round Comets guest reserve Liam Carr.

The Diamonds were led superbly by number one Danny King, who recently represented Team GB in the Speedway World Cup Final. However, on two occasions King had to be second best to Comets number one Josh Grajczonek, who rounded him coming off the last bend in heat 1 and then beat him from the gate in heat 13. But, in the final deciding heat 15, King finally gained some revenge by heading Josh to the chequered flag.

Josh's last corner heroics were not the only ones as in heat 12 Rene came off the last bend to snatch victory from Stuart Robson by half a wheel, while in heat 9 Ludvig Lindgren snatched second place from Mason as they exited the last bend.

Meanwhile Ricky had a night of mechanical problems; firstly his seat bracket broke after the unsatisfactory start in heat 7 causing him to go into the race aboard Kyle's machine. Then, when holding second place in heat 11 his primary chain came off throwing him to the track on the very last corner, and those points cost the Comets the third league point - it was that close!

Additionally, Kasper Lykke suffered mechanical problems in the latter stages of that race, causing him to have to change machines and get his second bike warmed up prior to his final outing in heat 14.
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