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Double Header Sees Return Of Simon Lambert
Wed 27 Aug 2014 by Comets Press Office
Simon trialled a return to the track with his NL club Kent Kings over Bank Holiday weekend.
Having seen his Consultant last Friday, Simon was told that although it was preferred he take a couple more weeks out, there was no reason he couldn't try to return and see how the hand held out.
Promoter Laura Morgan said, "I am sure that Simon has used his powers of persuasion as he was desperate to get back in the saddle. On speaking to both Tony and Steve this week, he has reiterated that Workington is his main priority and how much he is looking forward to taking his place in the line up again."

Consequently, simon returned to ride for his NL club Kent Kings at Stoke last Saturday and managed to score a more than admirable 13 points from 5 rides only to top this on Sunday by riding for Kent again at Buxton and scoring 14 from 5 rides!

The "in demand" Lambert, sees Simon guesting for his Parent club Kings Lynn tonight (Wednesday)and we can report he has turned down a request to guest for Lakeside at Swindon tomorrow.

Ironically and much to Simon's frustration, he can't line up for Workington on Friday against Plymouth as he has a follow up appointment with his Consultant which is unavoidable.
Laura Morgan explained, "Simon tried his best to get the appointment changed but this particular Consultant is only available on Friday's and unfortunately he goes away for 4 weeks this weekend, so it's imperative that Simon keeps the consultation to see how the hand is holding up having ridden a few different track surfaces in the space of a few days. Also he is having a protective splint made for the hand which he is being measured for on Friday. The appointment is at 2pm and there is no way Simon would make it to Plymouth in time for Tapes up. Tony has informed the referee, who in turn has allowed us a NL guest to replace Simon.
We wish Simon well and look forward to seeing him back at Derwent Park on Saturday".
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