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Premier League News from our rivals!
Photo by Dave Payne
Tue 14 Oct 2014 by BSPA Press Office
Issued by the BSPA Press Office on Tuesday 14th October 2014
BERWICK rounded off their home season with a hard-fought 48-41 home win over Workington with the match only being secured by a 5-1 in the last race from Kevin Doolan and Claus Vissing.
Manager John Anderson said: “It was great to end our home season – a great season – on another win to put ourselves seven up to go to the return fixture at Workington, and a lot of the credit has to go to Kevin Doolan who has found a seriously purple patch of form of late and is scoring wins for fun.”

EDINBURGH secured an incredible 19th away win of the season at Newcastle on Sunday as they completed qualification for the KO Cup Final with a double victory over the Diamonds.
Manager John Campbell said: “We were six points down after Heat 10 and I went round the boys and asked them if they wanted to lose. Three races later we were in the lead. You can't ask for a better response than that from this marvellous team of ours.”

GLASGOW face Berwick at Ashfield on Sunday in their remaining League Cup group fixture, whilst the following week sees the Tigers take on Workington in the Premier League.

IPSWICH co-promoter Chris Louis says the Witches were close to a shock win at Somerset on Friday in the Premier League play-offs, as they now turn their attention to the KO Cup Final.
Louis said: “The scoreline down at Somerset really didn't tell the story of an entertaining meeting. The whole team battled hard to grab every point on offer until Heat 11, which proved the turning point in the meeting. However I do know our riders want to go out on a high and what better way than to stop the Edinburgh Monarchs winning all the PL trophies this year!”

NEWCASTLE exited the Knockout Cup at the hands of Edinburgh over the weekend leaving boss George English looking to the future at Brough Park.
English said: “It was certainly a season of maybes and might have-beens where we had so much promise and potential that just never came to fruition, but 2015 is a different season and one where we might realise our successes we've missed this year.”

PETERBOROUGH boss Carl Johnson was satisfied with the Panthers' display in the second leg of the League Cup Final at Edinburgh, but now admits the most important thing is keeping the club going for 2015.
Johnson said: “We put up a much better showing than Newcastle had managed beforehand in their KO Cup semi-final and I must thank the supporters who travelled up to Scotland to get behind us. We managed to fill a minibus and everyone made it one piece despite breaking down on the way! It is a shame we couldn't win the trophy for the fans, but the main thing now is working hard to ensure we still have a club next year.”

SCUNTHORPE kept up their remarkable run of success against local rivals Sheffield, their 55-39 win on Sunday being their eighth in succession against the Tigers.
Manager Dave Peet said: “It was good to finish off with a win. Thomas Jorgensen and David Howe provided the backbone for us, while Todd Kurtz was a fantastic guest.”

SHEFFIELD co-promoter Damien Bates thanked the riders who stepped in for the Tigers in their final match of an injury-hit campaign at Scunthorpe last Sunday.
Bates said: “Some riders have already packed their things away for the winter, but we had riders who were only too happy to come along and help us out and it is appreciated. In addition I would like to thank the Sheffield fans who made the trip – and all the fans who have supported us in what has been a difficult first season for the new management team.”

SOMERSET boss Garry May says he always had faith in the Rebels' ability to reach the Premier League Grand Final for a third successive season.
May said: “Very few, if any, of the speedway pundits gave us any chance of reaching the final once again when asked for their predictions at the start of the season - in fact most predicted that we would just scrape into the play-offs. But I knew this team had the ability to go all the way when I first put it together.”
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