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Rene Bach is signing number three!
Photo by Dave Payne
Tue 25 Nov 2014 by Comets Press Office
The Comets management are delighted to announce that Rene Bach is their third signing for 2015, which will become his fourth successive season at Derwent Park.

Announcing the signing, Comets owner Laura Morgan said: “We are all extremely pleased that Rene will be with us once again next season.

“I know many supporters were left wondering if he would return next season following his speech at our last meeting but we certainly wanted him back and he said that Workington was the only place he wanted to be; so doing a deal was pretty easy in the end.

“Rene is so professional in everything he does. He has immaculate equipment and with his approach he expects a lot from himself and as a result he is hard on himself when things don't go to plan. I know he was disappointed how last season went as he wanted to do much better but that shows how much he cares about his racing and the club.

“Without question he has a lot more to give and he is certainly capable of increasing his average substantially. Additionally, with his experience and outlook he brings a lot more to the team than the points he scores on the track. He is always suggesting things that may improve the team and we certainly value his opinion.”

Rene joined the Comets following the 2011 season, having previously ridden for Newcastle, and despite being just 24 years old he has plenty of experience, having ridden all over Europe as well as in his native Denmark. Last winter the Comets management purchased his contract from Peterborough and made him a fully-fledged Comets asset.

Without doubt Rene is one of the most popular Comets of recent years and when in full flight around his home circuit his spectacular style certainly makes him one to watch. His three seasons with the club have seen him race in 115 official fixtures so far, in which he has scored well over 1,000 points and he will no doubt be looking at significantly adding to those totals next season.

Co-promoter and Team Manager Tony Jackson added: “Obviously it is great to have Rene back with us for next season – it really wouldn't have felt the same without him to be honest.

“What I really like about Rene is that once he goes onto the track you know that you are going to get one hundred percent commitment from him in every single race. Then, when in the pits, he is always willing to help the other team members if there is a problem and suggest things that we can try, which shows that he wants the same success for the club as we do – and that means a lot to us all.

“He is still very ambitious to do as well as he can in the sport and if Rene has a great season then I'm sure that we will too. Additionally, having a fellow Dane, Kenneth Hansen, in the side will be good for Rene and good for Kenneth too. They are already good friends off the track and hopefully that friendship will pay dividends for us next season.”

Rene comes into the Comets side on a 7.64 average, and when added to the previously signed pair of Kenneth Hansen (7.70) and Mason Campton (4.66) it means that the Comets have used up exactly 20 points of their 42.50 points team-building allocation; leaving 22.50 points for the remaining four riders needed to complete the Comets 2015 line-up.
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