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Comets Look To The Future
Thu 15 Jan 2015 by Comets Press Office
Workington Speedway are proud to announce the signing of two young prospects to add to their asset base.
Paul Bowen and David Morgan recently signed full contracts with the Comets committing their Premier League future to the Workington side; with the Comets committing to support their development in the coming months and years to enable them to develop a career in Speedway. Steve Lawson will watch over them, and offer riding and technical support to these young Comets and to any other prospects that show promise.

Paul Bowen, 25, has a Moto-X background and turned to speedway in February last year. He caught the eye on numerous occasions at Northside and whilst riding for the Meteors at Derwent Park, showing his natural ability on the bike. He secured a place at National League side Buxton late last season and he has been signed up by the Hitmen for this coming season.

Paul was delighted to sign the contract saying "Derwent Park was the first place I watched premier league speedway so I'd really like it to be the place I ride my first race in the Premier League also"."Big thanks to Steve for giving me the opportunity and I'm looking forward to progressing in the coming year and hopefully getting a Comets race jacket on"

David Morgan, 17, known as "Chez" to his friends, also has a moto-X background and he was encouraged to take up speedway by Steve Lawson late last season. He took to it exceptionally well; showing that he is a fast learner and one with natural ability. He has only taken part in several amateur meetings but improved each time and, in the latter stages, was finishing in the top places.

Steve Whitehead, Co-promoter said: "This is exactly what we need to be doing, finding our own British riders to support and develop with the hope that they will come into our Premier League side at some point in the future.

"Steve Lawson was a fantastic addition to our team last year and he is so enthusiastic about taking on new talent for Workington Speedway, using his contacts and expertise in the Moto-X circuit to talent spot.

"Paul and David are the first of what we hope will be a long line of prospects that we can help to the mutual benefit of the riders and Workington Speedway.

"They understand there is a lot of work to do but are enthused to be Workington assets. We will help them develop through the National League by making them available to NL clubs when ready and then they will come into our line up as a reserve on a 3-point average when ready to do so.

"They will be part of our set up this season and will be getting experience in the pits on race days by working with our riders and also getting track time at Derwent Park during the season; both during and after meetings as well as racing for the Meteors.

"I'd also like to personally thank Karl 'Geordie' Armstrong for his support, especially with Paul".

Comets owner Laura Morgan said: "This is a great start to what could be called the 'Workington Speedway Academy' - we recognised the need fairly quickly that we need to find a way of getting hold of talent for the future benefit of Workington Speedway and Steve Lawson was a key part of this.

"He will lead our support for Paul and David but we will be there for them as they develop into what we hope are good Premier League riders; look at Richard Lawson and Craig Cook and where they came from. We are not expecting every rider we sign up to be at that level, but we hope to find one every once in the while.

"This is about helping young guys who are the right age; i.e. within 2 years of being able to ride professionally, to be the best they can be, by giving guidance and support.

"I would like to welcome Paul and David into the Comets stable and look forward to watching them grow, and hopefully the Comets fans will support our new assets and watch them develop with us."
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