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Visa Update
Wed 28 Jan 2015 by Comets Press Office
Management Will Attend An Operational Workshop in Rugby On Friday With UKVI.
All clubs affected by the recent shock news regarding Visas will be attending the workshop to see how future administration regarding migrant workers should be carried out.
We are still in a position where we are not entirely sure what this means for Mason Campton or furthermore, Matty Wethers and intend making a statement over weekend following the workshop when we will hopefully have full clarification.
Promoter Laura Morgan said, "This is a particularly difficult situation for both Mason and ourselves and obviously we all need this matter to reach a conclusion as soon as possible, regardless of the outcome. Mason has a stamped visa and a signed contract in place for 2015 plus has a flight booked for 4 weeks time and therefore has his working year planned out. To be playing a waiting game like this must feel a little like Russian Roulette and I am devastated to think how he will be feeling. It is a desperate situation for any of us to be in. As advised, British speedway Promoters surrendered their sponsor licences en masse and it remains unclear what affect this action has on current visas. As soon as we know anything further we will make it public immediately as we appreciate that most of our supporters are also waiting desperately for further news. May I respectfully ask people not to jump to conclusions about blame."
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