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Lawson leaves Comets Stable
Photo by Dave Payne
Mon 02 Feb 2015 by Comets Press Office
Workington Speedway would like to announce that they have agreed the Sale of ex Captain Richard Lawson on a full contract to Glasgow Tigers
The two clubs have been in discussion for some months now as Glasgow were really keen to sign Richard as one of their assets but it is only recently that the two clubs have been able to agree a fee for the valuable Comets asset.

Richard, who started his career at Workington coming up through the ranks from reserve to No1 and Captain, indicated that under current circumstances he would not be riding for the Comets again and as we are keen to have riders who want to wear the big C it was the right time to talk about selling. Initial talks started at the BSPA AGM and have continued since until agreement was reached last week.

Steve Whitehead, Co-Promoter said "We are sad to see Rich leave as a Comets asset and were hoping he would return to ride for us again at some point in the future, but the more time the passed the more unlikely that looked and so we started talking to prospective buyers. Lakeside expressed an interest again but Glasgow were the keener of the two parties and we have struck, what is a really good deal for the Comets"."Its also a good deal for Glasgow who always see Richard as he son of their all time great rider Steve Lawson and often refer to him as the son of god, but Im sure Richard will want to gain his reputation for them on his own and we wish him well for the future".

Laura Morgan, Owner and Promoter said "I've always not been that bothered about selling Richard, even last year when we struck a deal with Lakeside I wasn't that bothered, so when we were able to take him back in November I was quite happy about it, but when Richard indicated he might now be back in Comets colours I had to let my business head rule my heart and let him go"."The deal we have struck is a really good one the only disappointing bit about it was that we had agreed with Glasgow during the sale agreement that we would coordinate releasing this to the public, but the excitement seems to have got the better of them!!."The only thing I will say is that whilst the agreement and paperwork is in place, until the money hits our bank the deal is still not sealed even though it is signed".

Richard Lawson leaves the Comets with the management and fans best wishes and thanks for his time with the best club in the Premier League.
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