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Visa Catastrophe Rocks Workington
Tue 03 Feb 2015 by Comets Press Office
With just over 7 weeks to tapes up Workington have been dealt two incredibly harsh blows
Following the recent issues with the UKVI Comets have today had it confirmed that Mason Campton does not meet the required criteria and therefore is ineligible to come into the UK to ride speedway. In order to meet the criteria he needs to have a 7 average or have finished fourth in the State championships.
After the meeting on Friday in anticipation of this happening, a letter of appeal written by the Promotion was handed to members of the Management committee. The letter was discussed today in their meeting and having made a call to discover the outcome, we were told the appeal had been unsuccessful.
Owner Laura Morgan said, "Yesterday I made a comment on Facebook saying there was no room for sentiment in speedway, well today I learnt I was wrong. Here we have a young 21 year old prospect who first came into the UK in 2012 and rode a season at Glasgow. The following season, the first as a Workington asset, he was ineligible and refused entry and sat a whole season out of UK speedway, the following season, 2014, he was eligible and granted entry and now in 2015 he finds himself ineligible once more. Within the last hour I have had to call Mason and break the news to him. Understandably he is totally and utterly crushed and believes his career in speedway is over. I feel utterly devastated for Mason and totally disillusioned but have told him that one way or another we will come back fighting!"
Matthew Wethers, who replaced Michael Palm Toft in the team has also fallen victim to the UKVI overhaul. Laura Morgan commented, "At the moment he is not eligible to ride in the UK and this is all we know, so unfortunately we have had to call him this evening and explain that we need to replace him as a matter of urgency. We are grateful to him for his courteous understanding and obviously we wish him well."
Understandably things are very raw tonight in the Comet's camp and a more detailed explanation will be posted tomorrow.
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