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2015 Shared Events Dates Confirmed
Photo by BSPA
Fri 06 Feb 2015 by Comets Press Office
The dates for the 2015 SGB major shared events have today been confirmed by the BSPA.
The Premier League shared events obviously have the greatest interest for Comets supporters with the three PL events remaining at the same venues that staged them last season.

The first of those is the PL Pairs, which once again will take place at Somerset on the eve of the British Grand Prix. Meanwhile the PL Fours remains at Peterborough in early August and the PLRC is once again to be held at Sheffield's Owlerton Stadium, although this year it takes place three weeks earlier than it has in recent seasons; this time taking place on the first Sunday in September.

PREMIER LEAGUE PAIRS: Somerset, Friday July 3rd
PREMIER LEAGUE FOURS: Peterborough, Sunday August 2nd
PREMIER LEAGUE RIDERS' CHAMPIONSHIP: Sheffield, Sunday September 6th (at 5:00pm)

The remaining British Speedway major events for 2015 are as follows:

ELITE LEAGUE RIDERS' CHAMPIONSHIP: Leicester, Saturday March 21st

BRITISH UNDER-21 SEMI-FINAL: Mildenhall, Sunday April 5th
BRITISH UNDER-21 FINAL: Coventry, Tuesday April 14th

BRITISH SEMI-FINALS: Sheffield, Thursday May 7th AND King's Lynn, Wednesday May 20th
BRITISH FINAL: Wolverhampton, Monday June 15th

BRITISH GRAND PRIX: Cardiff, Saturday July 4th

NATIONAL LEAGUE FOURS: Coventry, Sunday June 14th
NATIONAL LEAGUE PAIRS: King's Lynn, Saturday September 5th
NATIONAL LEAGUE RIDERS' CHAMPIONSHIP: Rye House, Saturday September 26th

And the British Youth Championship takes place over six rounds at: Scunthorpe (Sunday May 10th), Eastbourne (Saturday May 16th), Leicester (Sunday June 14th), Rye House (Sunday July 26th), NORTHSIDE (Sunday August 30th) and Redcar (Saturday September 5th).
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