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Wright move for Workington and Charles
Photo by Dave Payne
Sun 22 Feb 2015 by Comets Press Office
Workington Speedway would like to announce that they have agreed the Sale of Charles Wright on a full contract to Somerset
Somerset were really keen to sign Charles as one of their assets but, having also had some serious interest from another club, it is only relatively recently that the two clubs have been able to mutually agree a fee.

Twenty-six year-old Charles, who has also ridden for Workington, Redcar and Edinburgh in the PL, claims his favourite tracks are Workington and Redcar. Charles joined Somerset on loan in late 2013 and has nothing but praise for the Somerset Promotion and supporters.

Laura Morgan, Promoter said: "It has been a good move for both clubs really. Without saying it directly to any of us, Charles has made it clear he had no desire to come back to Workington and I have always claimed I only want riders who want to ride for Workington so, without any disrespect whatsoever to Charles, selling him and therefore releasing some funds was the sensible thing to do. He goes well round the Oaktree Arena and is settled at Somerset, so the move has also benefitted Charles. Obviously he goes with our good wishes for his future in speedway."
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