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Berwick 32 Comets 34 (League Cup)
Photo by Dave Payne
Sun 03 May 2015 by Comets Press Office
The Comets emerged from Berwick with a 34-32 victory last night in their League Cup group fixture, which unfortunately had to be abandoned following a heat 12 crash for Berwick reserve Alex Edberg.
This was because by the time the county ambulance arrived to take Edberg to hospital the 9:30pm curfew had been reached.

At the time of the abandonment the Comets were 34-32 ahead and, as more than ten heats had taken place the result stood, which gave the Comets three match points.

Unfortunately this meant that the Comets were unable to equal the 13 match points attained by both Edinburgh and Glasgow, even if they take maximum points from their remaining home group fixture against Berwick; and so ends the Comets interest in the League Cup for this season.

Edinburgh will progress to the semi-finals as group winners while Glasgow will have to wait and see if they are classified as best group runner-up, which also secures a semi-final berth.

The Comets 34-32 victory was even more remarkable as effectively it was achieved with only five riders!

With the Comets already operating rider replacement for the injured Rusty Harrison they were dealt a further blow when reserve Nicki Barrett crashed as he exited turn two in the opening heat on his former track when taking the first Rider Replacement ride.

Unfortunately an injury to his upper right arm meant he had to withdraw from the meeting, which in turn meant that reserve Nathan Greaves would have to take all of his remaining rides, with the exception of heat 2;where he would be the Comets sole representative.

However, victory for Kenneth in the re-run of heat 1 was followed by a race win for young Nathan in heat 2, while guest Steve Worral took the chequered flag in the third heat.

Claus Vissing became the Bandits first race winner when he won heat 4 from Kyle but with Nathan picking up third place ahead of Luke Crang it meant a fourth successive shared heat.

Race wins for Steve Worrall and Kyle in the next two heats, which were also shared, kept the scores level before Vissing recorded his second race win in heat 7, finishing ahead of Rene and Comets guest Steve Worral.

However the deadlock was finally broken in the eighth heat when Rene, riding as RR, won the heat from Berwick's Hynek Stichauer, but with Nathan (pictured) holding off Luke Crang to claim the vital third place the CComets got their noses in front 25-23.

But, when Kyle was only able to split the Bandits pairing of Thomas Jorgensen and Kevin Doolan in heat 9 the ensuing Berwick 4-2 brought the scores level once again at 27-27, and they remained tied when Ben Barker led Rene and Steve Worrall home in the tenth, which was the eighth shared heat out of ten heats!

A great ride from Kyle in heat 11 saw him inflict defeat on the hitherto unbeaten Claus Vissing while third place for Kenneth put the Comets in front once again at 34-32.

Heat 12 saw the Bandits management switch their reserves and replace Luke Crang with Alex Edberg. However, when the tapes rose Edberg flew from gate three and headed towards the fence, forcing the outside starting Rene Bach down as he did so; before Edberg got caught up in the deep shale out by the fence, lifted and was then thrown violently from his machine on bend two.

Referee Barbara Horley immediately put Edberg's blue exclusion light on however, as it turned out, that was of no consequence because following treatment on the track Edberg was taken away in the track ambulance where he awaited transfer to a county ambulance, which arrived shortly after the 9:30pm curfew and the subsequent abandonment of the meeting; with the Comets declared the winners.

Ben Barker 7, Kynek Stichauer 4+2, Kevin Doolan (c) 3+2, Thomas Jorgensen 7, Claus Vissing 8, Alex Edberg 2, Luke Crang 1+1.

Kenneth Hansen 4, RR for Rusty Harrison, Rene Bach (c) 6+1, Steve Worrall (g) 9+1, Kyle Howarth 10, Nicki Barrett 0, Nathan Greaves 5+1.

Match Points: Berwick 0 Workington 3.
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