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Comets hit by injuries AGAIN!
Photo by Dave Payne
Thu 28 May 2015 by Comets Press Office
The Comets wretched luck with injuries has struck again, which means they head up to Armadale tomorrow with two guests and Rider Replacement to face the powerful Edinburgh Monarchs.
Already missing Kyle Howarth due to a World under-21 Championship qualifying round in the Czech Republic the Comets are now minus Kenneth Hansen and Nicki Barrett.

Kenneth Hansen has been struggling with his injury since crashing out in his third ride at Workington on Monday afternoon when he injured his inner left thigh and banged his ribs.

He bravely tried to ride in Sweden tonight but had to pull out after four rides as he was struggling quite badly so he will not be fit to race at Armadale tomorrow. He should have and would have taken 6 rides in the meeting.

This is a translated extract from the Valsarna Speedway report from tonights meeting

"What happened?
The home team had a seemingly safe lead when it was two heats remaining. 43-35 was status.
When did Kenneth Hansen, who drove revbensskadad whole match that it was time to throw in the towel. He got no air and the blackened for my eyes.
"It was dangerous to drive on, notes Mike Lackey.
He was replaced by reserve Dennis Jonsson. But Jablonski came to start. It was supposed to take three points in the final two heats. It would fix itself.
But speedway is a speedway. "

Former Edinburgh Monarch Theo Pijper has been booked as a guest at number 1 in place of Kenneth Hansen.

Adding to our woes is the news that Nicki Barrett will also now be missing. He is currently back in Denmark and sidelined with a possible trapped nerve, which is causing him back and shoulder pain radiating into his neck and restricting his movement.

With PL riders under Nicki's average being unavailable to race tomorrow we are very grateful to Liam Carr for agreeing to step in at short notice to replace him as a reserve guest.

The Comets will operate Rider Replacement for Kyle Howarth at number 2, with every rider apart from Theo Pijper eligible to take a Rider Replacement outing.

Comets owner Laura Morgan said: "Sometimes you just wonder if our luck is ever going to change.

"Kenneth felt a fair bit better today and decided to try and race in Sweden tonight; but he soon found out that he was not up to it. Meanwhile Nicki has been struggling with pain in his shoulder since crashing at Berwick a few weeks ago but it has got worse this week and he is currently seeing the doctor back in Denmark.

"As usual we are very grateful to guests for agreeing to help us out at short notice but having endured this sort of luck in previous seasons we had hoped for a change in fortune this year but clearly that is not happening!"
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