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Glasgow 53 Comets 36 (Premier League)
Photo by Dave Payne
Mon 13 Jul 2015 by Comets Press Office
The Comets went down to a disappointing defeat at Ashfield yesterday against a Glasgow side featuring three guests to cover for missing team members.
The Tigers went into the match without their injured number one Nick Morris and injured second string David Howe. In their place they drafted in Redcar's Lasse Bjerre at number one while operating Rider Replacement for Howe, which meant that everyone except Bjerre was eligible for an extra ride!

At reserve the Tigers were missing Victor Palovaara (World under-21 Final) and Dimitri Berge - deemed to be with-holding his services. They were replaced by Scunthorpe's Nike Lunna and Redcar's Adam Roynon respectively.

After a shared first heat (pictured above) won by Bjerre things went wrong for the Comets in heat 2 when the two Comets reserves collided on the first turn with Matty Wethers' chain being flicked off while Matt Williamson's exhaust was pushed against his tyre which slowed him down and created quite a bit of smoke by the second lap!

A fine race win for Kenneth, with Rene third, in the re-run of heat 3 (after the tapes had snagged on Rene's helmet peak) gave the Comets a heat advantage and cut the Tigers lead to two points.

Ricky won heat 4 while Kyle and Rusty filled the minor places in heat 5 to leave the Comets 16-14 down with a third of the match gone.

Heat 6 was awarded after third placed Lasse Bjerre fell on turn three of lap three. But, with Matt Williamson having already fallen and retired at the same place two laps earlier, the race was awarded as a race win for James Sarjeant ahead of Ricky, with the 3-2 score-line putting the Tigers three points in front.

The next two heats were shared with Richard Lawson winning heat 7 for the Tigers and Rusty taking the chequered flag in heat 8 for the Comets. However, a 5-1 from the powerful Aaron Summers/Richard Lawson pairing in heat 9 put the Tigers 7 points ahead!

Unfortunately an over-eager Rene touched the tapes in heat 10 and was put back to the 15 metre mark while Kenneth made an excellent gate to lead throughout.

A fall for Kyle on the first bend of heat 11 didn't help matters while Rusty then trailed Nike Lunna before rounding him on the last corner to take second place.

Rene Bach led all the way in heat 12, despite coming under constant pressure from both Summers and former Comet Adam Roynon, while Lawson and Bjerre led Ricky home with ease in heat 13 as Kyle retired on lap three when at the back; clearly still feeling the effects of his fall in heat 11.

The penultimate heat, won by Summers, was the eighth shared race of the match while Kenneth kept him honest throughout and Matty Wethers battled hard having filled every place in the race by the end of the third lap!

However, the final heat saw Summers take Kenneth very wide on the entry to turn one, effectively ruling him out of the race, which allowed Rusty to move into third place behind Lawson as the Tigers top two point-scorers finished off their days' work with a 5-1 to make the final score Glasgow 53 Comets 36.

Lasse Bjerre (guest) 7+1, James Sarjeant 5+2, Aaron Summers 16, RR for David Howe, Richard Lawson 15+2, Nike Lunna (guest) 3+1, Adam Roynon (guest) 7+2.

Kyle Howarth 4, Rusty Harrison 8+2, Rene Bach 5+1, Kenneth Hansen 10, Ricky Wells 7, Matt Williamson 1, Matthew Wethers 1+1.
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