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Is it Peterington or Workingborough at Armadale on Friday?
Photo by Dave Payne
Thu 06 Aug 2015 by Comets Press Office
A very depleted Peterborough have called up THREE Comets riders to guest for them at Edinburgh tomorrow night as they have four riders unavailable!
The Panthers have called up Ricky Wells, Kenneth Hansen and Matthew Wethers to help them out at Armadale in a strange Panthers side that will now contain THREE Comets, THREE Panthers and Rider Replacement!

Having half your team made up of riders from another club is very rare - but such is the current situation with injuries and rider availability then perhaps we shoudn't be that surprised!

The Panthers are missing Ulrich Ostergaard (hand injury), reserve Simon Lambert (shoulder injury), Robert Lambert (Banned by the BSPA for missing meetings) and Emil Grondal (overseas commitment).

Ricky will replace Robert Lambert, Kenneth will replace Emil Grondal and Matthew will replace Simon Lambert, while the Panthers will operate Rider Replacement for Ulrich Ostergaard, which means all the riders are eligible for an RR outing.

They will be joined by current Peterborough riders Lewis Blackbird, Michael Palm-Toft and Rafal Konopka.

So, if you want to see half a Comets side in action tomorrow evening, then just head up to Armadale!
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Dave Payne, Adrian Randall