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Comets Spellbound by Witches!
Photo by Dave Payne
Thu 06 Aug 2015 by Comets Press Office
Ipswich Witches 58 Workington Comets 35 (Premier League)
The Comets suffered yet another disappointing defeat on the road at Foxhall Heath this evening when they went down 58-35 to the Ipswich Witches.

The Comets only provided four race winners - three for Ricky Wells, and one for Kyle Howarth when on a Tactical Ride in Heat 9 (see above photo) when he led Gino Manzares home.

That TR victory for Kyle reduced the Comets deficit to just 7 points with six races to go as the Witches led 32-25.

However, any hopes of a Workington comeback were quickly dashed as the Witches then raced to five successive 5-1's over the Comets to secure the league points as they led 57-30 with only the nominated heat remaining.

The Comets raced to a consolation 5-1 in an awarded Heat 15 after Cameron Heeps fell on lap three with the Comets pairing of Ricky Wells and Kyle Howarth already on a 5-1, making the final score Ipswich 58 Workington 35.

Danny King 13+1, Rider Replacement for the injured Nico Covatti, Gino Manzares 10+1, Cameron Heeps 8+4, Richie Worrall (Guest) 13+2 (paid max), Stefan Nielsen 7+2, Ashley Morris 7.

Ricky Wells 11, Rusty Harrison 0, Rene Bach 4+1, Kenneth Hansen 3, Kyle Howarth 12+1, Ben Morley (Guest) 1+1, Matthew Wethers 4+1.
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Dave Payne, Adrian Randall