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Todd Kurtz rides at Rye House - Kyle is Banned by the FIM!
Photo by Dave Payne
Sun 16 Aug 2015 by Comets Press Office
Plymouth's Todd Kurtz WILL guest for the Comets in today's Premier League fixture at Rye House after all as Kyle Howarth has been prevented from riding by the FIM.
Although Kyle has receovered from his concussion that caused him to miss yesterday's World under-21 Final at Lublin in Poland an FIM ruling prevents him from riding the following day - even though he missed the FIM meeting through injury.

Fortunately, having been stood down on Friday, Plymouth's Todd Kurtz had been placed on standby just in case anything changed and he was needed today and he is now able to guest in place of Rusty Harrison after all, while Rider Replacement will operate for Kyle; as had been the original plan.

Comets team manager and co-promoter Tony Jackson said: "We'd like to publicly thank Todd Kurtz for his understanding and being able to step back into the side to help us out after all.

"Obviously Kyle is disappointed that he is unable to ride but we have explained the situation to him and at the end of the day that's the FIM rules, which we have to abide by."

With Todd Kurtz riding as a guest in place of Rusty Harrison at number 2, Rider Replacement will operate at number 5 for Kyle, which means all the other team members are eligible to take a rider replacement ride.
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