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Comets v Berwick Race-day Update!
Photo by Dave Payne
Sun 30 Aug 2015 by Comets Press Office
Following last night's 50-43 defeat over at Berwick against a strengthened Bandits side the Comets will be looking for revenge in tonight's return league fixture at Derwent Park.
However, the Comets will have to go into tonight's fixture without reserve Matt Williamson, who is very battered and bruised following his second ride crash with Ben Barker in last night's match at Shielfield Park.

With no Premier League guests available today on a 3.00 average to replace Matt the Comets have been forced to look to the National League for a guest rider and are delighted that local, Workington-based, rider Ryan Blacklock has agreed to step in at very short notice following the postponement of his National League side Buxton's trip to Mildenhall earlier today.

Other than that the Comets will line-up as they were last night, while the Bandits will have Rohan Tungate riding at number one in place of the injured Thomas Jorgensen, and Kieran Douglas lines up at number 8 for the Bandits.

Following the Premier League fixture there will be a six-heat Northern Junior League match between the Workington Meteors and the Berwick Border Raiders.

Premier League team line-ups:

Workington 'Thomas Armstrong' Comets
1 Ricky Wells 7.84
2 Rider Replacement for the injured Rusty Harrison 5.98
3 Rene Bach (captain) 7.55
4 Kenneth Hansen 5.83
5 Kyle Howarth 7.62
6 Ryan Blacklock (3.00) - Guest for the injured Matt Williamson 3.00
7 Matthew Wethers 4.09

Berwick 'K Dixon Building Services' Bandits
1 Rohan Tungate (7.07) - Guest for the injured Thomas Jorgensen 7.80
2 Anders Mellgren 6.09
3 Ryan Fisher (6.42) – Guest for Mathias Thornblom 7.00
4 Rider Replacement for the injured Claus Vissing 7.54
5 Kevin Doolan (captain) 6.78
6 Fernando Garcia 3.00
7 Richard Hall 3.96
8 Kieran Douglas 3.00
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