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Ash rides to the rescue!
Photo by Dave Payne
Sat 05 Sep 2015 by Comets Press Office
Ashley Morris has changed his plans in order to help out his former club this evening.
Having initially said that he was unable to guest for the Comets this evening when he was contacted last night, Ashley has got back in touch with us this morning to say that he is able to change his plans if we still needed him.

Naturally we took up his offer and had to stand Rob Shuttleworth down as we obviously need to track the strongest team possible against the Tigers this evening.

Team manager Tony Jackson said: "We are very grateful for Ashley changing his plans to help us out. Obviously I had to go back to Rob Shuttleworth and let him down after he had agreed to help us out at such short notice,which I don't like having to do to any rider, but he fully understood the situation as we need to be as strong as we can tonight.

"Rob is a cumbrian-born rider and I am sure he will get an opportunity in the future and his willingness to help us out in our hour of need will not be forgotten."
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Dave Payne, Adrian Randall