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Workington named as 2015 Premier League Track of the Year
Photo by Dave Payne
Tue 15 Dec 2015 by Comets Press Office
The Workington Comets promotion are delighted to have been informed by the BSPA that Workington has been named as the 2015 Premier League Track of the Year.
This is the first time since the inception of the award many years ago that Workington has been awarded this honour, which is decided by marks given throughout the season by Speedway Control Bureau referees.

In winning the title, Workington finished ahead of fellow northern clubs Edinburgh and Newcastle, who finished in second and third place respectively, while Wolverhampton were victorious in the Elite League awards.

Comets owner Laura Morgan said: "Naturally we see this as an honour for the club and in particular it is testimony to all the hard work put in by our track staff and by Track Curator Anthony Denham and his hard-working team. This is a great honour for them.

"Without all their hard work we could not stage any speedway meetings, it is as simple as that.

"Down the years it has often been said that the racing we get served up every week at Derwent Park is as good as anything seen anywhere in the country, and this backs up that belief.

"This year we have certainly seen some spectacular and entertaining racing throughout the season, with plenty of overtaking by both home and visiting riders.

"Many visiting riders have complimented ourselves and the track staff over the course of the season with regard to the track, which most riders love to race on as it is seen as a very fair track.

"Although this tends to mean we have no real home advantage at Derwent Park, the fact that it is a circuit where riders can simply go out and race on, meant that our own riders were able to do that, which contributed to the fact that we were the only team in British Speedway to be unbeaten at home during 2015 and the only Premier League side to have won all of their home league fixtures.

"That is something we are very proud of and obviously a record that we were very keen to maintain in what was a tough end to the season when all of the top sides in the league visited us on successive weeks.

"Hopefully we can serve up another season of entertaining racing in 2016."
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