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PL Fours Festival Weekend Announced!
Photo by Dave Payne
Fri 22 Jan 2016 by Comets Press Office
Issued by The BSPA Press Office on Friday 22nd January 2016.
THE BSPA are delighted to announce the launch of the revamped Premier League Fours Spectacular Weekend.

The long-running competition has undergone an exciting revamp which will now see all 13 teams involved in two action-packed days of racing at Peterborough's East of England Showground.

Fans will be able to enjoy 72 heats of top class Premier League action featuring 52 riders on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24.

Twelve teams will be split into three groups to do battle on the Saturday, with the top side from each group earning a place alongside hosts Peterborough in Sunday's showpiece Grand Final.

In addition, the top two riders from each eliminated side will be entered into a 20-heat individual meeting on Sunday to ensure riders of every club will be in action on day two of the event.

With 36 heats of action on both Saturday and Sunday, the revamped 'Premier League Fours Spectacular Weekend' is sure to be an unmissable event for speedway supporters.

Tickets will be available inclusive of both days with camping facilities available, however individual tickets for each day will also be on offer.

Saturday night will see a number of live bands and special guests performing whilst there will also be special events on Sunday to compliment the on-track action.

It is certainly a major reconstruction of the popular competition – and BSPA Vice Chairman Rob Godfrey is hoping to generate a “party atmosphere” over the two days to highlight what is a “special event”.

Godfrey said “The launch of this spectacular weekend has come about after the Premier League listened to supporters who believe that every club should play a part in the Fours Championship.

“Although it wasn't possible to bring back the qualifying rounds at the moment we have introduced this new exciting formula to once again make sure that every PL club is represented in the process.

“Even if any supporters particular club loses out on day one they are guaranteed to see two of their own riders on day two in the Individual event before the Fours Final.

“That coupled with all the ancillary events over the 2 days means a party atmosphere to highlight what is rightly a very special event.”

For Comets fans this gives supporters a chance to undertake a popular 'tour' to see their riders in action too, and at a time that fits in well with the school holidays.

The night before the 'Fours Weekend' sees the Comets in Premier League action at Somerset. This allows supporters to stay overnight and then travel over to Peterborough the following morning in readiness for the weekend of action on the Alwalton race-track.

Comets co-promoter and team manager Tony Jackson said: "Tours have always been popular with supporters down the years. Unfortunately for northern clubs heading south they are virtually impossible these days due to the distances between the southern tracks and the lack of variety in their racenights. It is far easier for southern clubs to undertake northern tours.

"However, this provides a good opportunity for our fans to have three successive days following the Comets and we are sure it will appeal to many fans looking for a few days away in the summer.

"But, if they can't do all three days, we are sure that the revamped 'Fours Weekend' will have a lot of appeal to our supporters in any case."

Finally, any supporters looking at this week's 'Times & Star' may be somewhat confused at the printed Comets fixture list. Unfortunately the printed list in the newspaper contains some errors so; if you want to know the correct fixtures for 2016 they can be found here on the Comets website!
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