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Photo by Dave Payne
Thu 12 May 2016 by Comets Press Office
The Comets have to travel to Redcar next Thursday in order to try and complete their League Cup fixtures.
The two previous attempts to race at Redcar in this fixture have been washed out so it is a case of hopefully third time lucky.

Comets team manager Tony Jackson said: "Obviously such short notice is far from ideal for the riders or the supporters, but there are simply no other dates available and we had to reluctantly accept this date as there was not really another viable option.

"The group stage of this competition needs to be completed by the end of May and we have been talking about various dates for quite some time, but Redcar's spare dates were long after May.

"As it was, the Redcar promotion had to persuade their scheduled opponents for next Thursday; Ipswich, to postpone their visit and agree to come back to Redcar later in the season.

"Obviously a problem for us is that some of our riders race in the Swedish Allsvenskan League on Thursdays - that league had not begun racing their 2016 fixtures when our two initial attempts to run this meeting were postponed.

"That may have an impact on who can take part in this match for us as there are specific rules regarding fixture clashes on the International Racing Calendar and of course when it is a re-arranged fixture that fixture drops to the bottom of the priority list as it were.

"However, if any of our riders are unable to race at Redcar due to fixture clashes we are allowed the use of guests and/or Rider Replacement if necessary. However, we must stress that all the affected riders are talking to their Swedish clubs to see if they can be released from their Swedish fixture if at all possible, which can happen as the Swedish clubs do operate a squad system so there is some flexibility there.

"But, by wanting to talk to their Swedish clubs it once again demonstrates how keen they all are to race for the Comets.

"As soon as we have any further news regarding our potential line-up for this fixture we will of course make it public."
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