Comets v Lakeside meeting will NOT go ahead tonight (Monday) stay tuned for details!
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Cumberland Pairs Championship this Saturday at Derwent Park!
Photo by Dave Payne
Wed 18 May 2016 by Comets Press Office
Saturday evening sees the Cumberland Pairs Championship, in association with Thomas Armstrong Limited, being staged at Derwent Park.
With no opponents available to race at Derwent Park on Saturday evening the Comets management have elected to fill the date by staging the Cumberland Pairs Championship (start time 7:00pm) in order to maintain some continuity for the supporters and for the riders.

Comets owner Laura Morgan said: “We had to do something as this would have meant three blank weekends out of four and supporters can soon get out of the habit of coming to watch us on a Saturday night so we have quickly organised ‘The Cumberland Pairs Championship in association with Thomas Armstrong Ltd' which will see six pairs compete over fifteen heats, with each pair meeting every other pair once, and that will be followed by a Grand Final featuring the top two pairings to determine the winners of what promises to be a very competitive meeting.

“The meeting will feature all of the Comets and five visiting riders – Newcastle's Steve Worrall, Redcar's Hugh Skidmore, up and coming West Cumbrian prospect Dan Bewley and two former Comets – Simon Lambert and Cumbrian star Craig Cook – with both of the ex-Comets being really keen to come to Derwent Park for the meeting.

“We have been very fortunate to get some sponsorship for the event, which sees each of the six pairings sponsored along with the Grand Final, while the whole event is being supported by our loyal main team sponsors, Thomas Armstrong Limited. We are very grateful to everyone that has helped us to put the meeting on, and we hope it will prove to be a success with everyone.

“Every effort has been made to balance out the pairings in such a way that it will be competitive throughout and I must admit that I am unable to predict a winner as you can make a good case for all six of the pairings.

“Staging this extra meeting has obviously led to additional costs and a suggestion from the recently formed ‘Friends of Workington Speedway' was that a nominal charge of £1 was made for the race-card, for which we hope supporters will understand.

"However, each race-card will have a unique number printed on it and those numbers will be entered into a draw, with the winner getting to choose one of the specially made race-jackets used for the event worn by the rider of their choice to take home with them as a prize. The remaining eleven race-jackets will all be auctioned off.”

The meeting will adopt the 4, 3, 2, 0 scoring system as used for the Premier League Pairs, which encourages team riding rather than race wins.
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