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Adam Roynon and Steve Worrall win Cumberland Pairs!
Photo by Dave Payne
Sat 21 May 2016 by Comets Press Office
At the end of sixteen heats of Best Pairs action it was Comet Adam Roynon and Newcastle's Steve Worrall that emerged victorious in the Grand Final to lift the Cumberland Pairs Championship.
In the Grand Final it was Steve Worrall that streaked from the gate to lead Craig Cook home while Adam Roynon held third place from Dan Bewley. However, on the last lap Cook slowed to try and hold up Roynon and enable Bewley to catch up. Alas,that did not work as coming off the final bend Roynon was able to round Cook and clinch second place.

But, after a night of entertaining racing, it was perhaps fitting that all three Cumbrian-born riders in the field were involved in the Grand Final.

The Worrall-Roynon pairing qualified for the Grand Final with 26 points, one behind the all Cumbrian pairing of former Comet Craig Cook and up and coming prospect Dan Bewley from Maryport, who had collected 27 points to top the qualifying stage.

But, although Cook and Bewley had come out on top when the two pairings had met in heat 10, they had to give second best in the Grand Final.

The fifteen qualifying races had been competitive throughout and had Matt Williamson not been excluded from his final qualifying ride in heat 13 it would have been the Comets pairing of Kenneth Hansen and Williamson that faced Cook and Bewley in the Grand Final.

At the time of the incident in heat 13 Williamson was leading Hansen when he locked up in the middle of turns three and four on the second lap, almost coming to a stop. But, while Hansen was able to avoid him, third placed Hugh Skidmore could not and ploughed into him, causing both riders to fall heavily.

Williamson was soon up on his feet but excluded from the race as being the cause of the stoppage while Skidmore required medical attention for a suspected right wrist injury. However, had Williamson not fallen, the 7-2 heat advantage for him and Hansen (using the 4,3,2,0 pairs scoring format) would have put them level on points with Worrall and Roynon but, because they defeated them when the pairings met in heat 2, it would have been Hansen and Williamson that progressed to the final.

In the early stages of the meeting it had appeared that another all Comets pairing of Claus Vissing and Mason Campton were on course to reach the Grand Final and after three of their five qualifying races they were the leading pair on 19 points, ahead of Cook and Bewley on 18. But, a disappointing heat 12 where they were defeated 7-2 by eventual winners Worrall and Roynon severely dented their hopes while bringing Worrall and Roynon back into contention.

Then, when Vissing and Campton faced Cook and Bewley in the final qualifying race, heat 15, they had to gain a heat advantage in order to reach the Grand Final. But with Cook leading Vissing from the gate a fine ride by young Dan Bewley kept Campton at the back, which meant the Vissing-Campton pairing finished in third place overall.


Qualifying Scores:
Craig Cook 4 4 4 3 4 19
Dan Bewley 2 2 2 0 2 8
TEAM MNL (Maintenance Network Ltd) 26
Steve Worrall 3 3 3 4 4 17
Adam Roynon 0 4 0 3 2 9
Claus Vissing 2 3 4 2 3 14
Mason Campton 3 4 3 0 0 10
Kenneth Hansen 4 2 3 4 4 17
Matt Williamson 2 0 2 2 X 6
Ricky Wells 4 3 4 4 0 15
Simon Nielsen 0 R 0 0 3 3
TEAM V8 LEGENDS (Graham Commercials) 17
Rasmus Jensen 3 2 2 2 2 11
Hugh Skidmore R 0 0 3 3 6

Heat Details:
1: Wells, Campton, Vissing, Nielsen, 64.1
2: Hansen, Worrall, Williamson, Roynon, 63.5
3: Cook, Jensen, Bewley, Skidmore (ret), 64.0
4: Campton, Vissing, Hansen, Williamson, 64.9
5: Cook, Wells, Bewley, Nielsen (ret), 64.4
6: Roynon, Worrall, Jensen, Skidmore, 65.8
7: Wells, Hansen, Williamson, Nielsen, 64.8
8: Vissing, Campton, Jensen, Skidmore, 66.0
9: Cook, Worrall, Bewley, Roynon, 65.9
10: Wells, Skidmore, Jensen, Nielsen, 66.6
11: Hansen, Cook, Williamson, Bewley, 65.7
12: Worrall, Roynon, Vissing, Campton, 66.5
13: (awarded) Hansen, Skidmore, Jensen, Williamson (f.exc), no time
14: Worrall, Nielsen, Roynon, Wells, 66.2
15: Cook, Vissing, Bewley, Campton, 65.5
Grand Final: Worrall, Roynon, Cook, Bewley, 66.5 (7-2)
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