Comets v Lakeside meeting will NOT go ahead tonight (Monday) stay tuned for details!
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Comets Depleted for Owlerton visit!
Photo by Dave Payne
Mon 30 May 2016 by Comets Press Office
It will be a somewhat depleted Comets side that takes to the track at Owlerton on Thursday evening as the Comets will be missing the services of their Danish contingent.
Kenneth Hansen will be riding for his Swedish League side Valsarna, who have priority over the Comets in the event of a fixture clash due to the fact he has been with them for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, in such situations, the rules do not allow a facility so there is no alternative other than to replace him with a National League rider and we are grateful to Barrow-based Belle Vue rider Rob Shuttleworth for agreeing to help us out.

With regard to Claus Vissing and Rasmus Jensen; they have both qualified for the final of the Danish Championship, which is being held two months earlier than in past years and takes place on Friday at Holsted.

Unfortunately they would be unable to fly out after the meeting on Thursday and would have to fly out on Friday morning, but the flight times do not work well enough to allow them to reach the track in sufficient time to do what they have to do beforehand. So, as a result they will have to miss Thursday's visit to Owlerton. That is permitted under the terms of the DMU Agreement, which governs all Danish riders racing in the UK.

The Comets are allowed a facility for Claus and Rasmus, which means a guest and rider replacement; with a guest, Michael Palm Toft, coming in to replace Rasmus and Rider Replacement to cover for Claus.

Comets owner Laura Morgan said: “Obviously it is a very frustrating situation to be in, but unfortunately our hands are pretty much tied by what we can and can't do.

“We are not the first club, nor will we be the last, to get caught up in such a situation but we have to abide by the DMU agreement and in some ways we are paying the price for success; in having two riders reaching the Danish Final.

“Typically this Thursday has a couple of Elite League matches going on along with Newcastle needing a few guests at Redcar while many riders are unavailable as they are heading to Europe for this weekend's two World under-21 Team Cup semi-finals, so obtaining a guest was not that easy and we thank Michael for helping us out.

“With regard to Kenneth, his Swedish club have been quite co-operative in the past, for example at Redcar two weeks ago they allowed us to use Kenneth rather than use him themselves even though they had priority, however they need his services this week and we just have to live with the consequences.

“Nevertheless, whilst not ideal, we can assure supporters that everyone will still be battling for every point at Owlerton on Thursday night.”
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