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Premier League News from our rivals!
Tue 14 Jun 2016 by BSPA Press Office
Issued by the BSPA Press Office on Tuesday 14th June 2016.
BERWICK have been dealt a further blow to their 2016 side after Dutch rider Romano Hummel quit the club.
The 17-year-old informed the Bandits of his decision after suffering from homesickness.
"We're gutted to say the least," said team manager Scott Courtney.
"If he is unhappy about staying over here then we have to accept the lad might not be ready to take on the world just yet.
"Just as the team was getting into gear and had climbed into the top six in the Premier League standings, we have another setback."

EDINBURGH boss Alex Harkess has demanded an improvement from his riders after a 50-40 defeat at Berwick.
The result was a fifth consecutive loss on their travels as the Monarchs' cagey season continued.
Said Harkess: "It's hard to win matches when you run ten last places.
"The bottom line was we were simply not competitive enough in too many positions."

GLASGOW team manager Stewart Dickson says consistency on the road could prove vital to their title hopes.
While the Tigers remain unbeaten at home, he believes his side are even more capable than the two away wins they have managed so far.
Said Dickson: "We as a team need to find a bit more consistency on the road.
"One or two have been dissatisfied with their scores, but we win and lose together as a team!"

IPSWICH boss Ritchie Hawkins believes his side's disappointing form will stand him in good stead in the future.
Hawkins has endured a challenging opening few months in his debut managerial role, with the Witches winning just three of their last ten meetings.
Said Hawkins: "It's been a big learning curve for me and it's been tough because the performances have been bad.
"I'm learning all the time but I think it will make me a better manager going forwards."

NEWCASTLE team manager George English has told his side they need to cut out their mistakes if they are serious about the title challenge.
The Diamonds picked up just a single consolation league point from their away matches at Rye House and Sheffield - and English is adamant it could and should have been more.
Said English: "Again, points were dropped when they shouldn't have and this inconsistency must be addressed without delay.
"We are losing ground in the league chase when we certainly should not be.”

PETERBOROUGH No.1 Craig Cook insists he still has plenty more to offer despite making a positive start to life with the Panthers.
Cook has scored double-figures in all three of his appearances for Jason Attwood's side so far and bagged an impressive second place on the rostrum in Monday's British Final - but Cook feels he can still offer more!
He said: "I'm happy that I've made some massive steps forwards in the past few weeks.
"I'm still learning how to get the best out of my new engines and I can promise everyone there is still a lot more to come from me."

PLYMOUTH boss Lee Trigger believes his side can pull off a home win against Edinburgh on Saturday - despite being without star Jack Holder.
The Australian is competing in the opening round of the World Under-21 Championships at King's Lynn and the Devils are left to operate rider replacement.
Said Trigger: "Jack is second in our averages so everyone can take his rides and everyone fires at home, so I am confident we will be OK."

REDCAR signing Tobias Busch says he is ready to make an impression for the Bears on his return to British racing.
The German racer had a spell with Edinburgh in 2010 but feels he is more prepared for his time in the UK this time around.
Said Busch: "I had big problems with myself, and my materials in that time but now that has all changed a lot.
"I am older, and have more sponsors to get the stuff for England; I will be bringing complete equipment over to compete."

RYE HOUSE captain Edward Kennett praised his side after they secured a 48-42 home win over Newcastle.
It's now five meetings without defeat in the Premier League for the Rockets who are starting to settle into the 2016 campaign.
Said Kennett: "The boys dug deep once again and I'm proud of them for getting another good result.
"I'm happy with my own performances too; Robert Lambert pushed me hard and fair play to him but I knew I just had the edge."

SCUNTHORPE promoter Rob Godfrey is confident new signing Lewis Kerr will be a popular addition to their side.
The Scorpions snapped the 26-year-old up as soon as he was released by Ipswich to replace Andreas Lyager.
Said Godfrey: "Lewis is a likeable, British lad who will score points everywhere.
“His signing adds extra strength to our team; there will be a feeling of more confidence in the camp going forward.”

SHEFFIELD co-boss Marc Bates insisted results are more important than performances following their 49-40 home win over Newcastle last week.
The Tigers are proving to be serious contenders in the opening months of the season and Bates is desperate to make up for the disappointment of 2015.
He said: "It wasn't our best performance but we got the job done!
"We need to keep doing that, keep moving forwards and make sure we reach the play-offs at the end of the season."

SOMERSET boss Garry May hailed another all-round team performance as his side bolstered their play-off bid with a 47-46 win at Redcar.
Said May: "This was another excellent whole team performance with everyone making valuable contributions at vital times during the match.
"The boys showed great character when Redcar came back at us but I think we were more than deserving of our win."
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