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Premier League News from our rivals!
Wed 29 Jun 2016 by BSPA Press Office
Issued by the BSPA Press Office on Tuesday 28th June 2016
BERWICK continued their recent run of form with a convincing 59-31 home win against Workington.
It means the Bandits have lost just one of their last seven meetings.
Team manager Scott Courtney said: "No one believed we were going to take a win over Workington, of all teams, of that size.
"It just shows what a solid team unit we are, who when we pull together, we can beat the best."

EDINBURGH will be hoping for better luck with the weather when they attempt to host Berwick on Friday.
The Monarchs have already seen five of their home meetings washed out in 2016.
Club Chairman Alex Harkess said: "To lose two consecutive fixtures to the weather in the height of summer is incredibly disappointing and to stage only one home team match in the month of June is unbelievable.
"The financial cost to the club has been hefty and I hope that our supporters will get right behind us as we try to build some momentum in the weeks ahead."

GLASGOW captain Aaron Summers believes reserves Danny Ayres and Coty Garcia could be the difference in Wednesday's televised Scottish derby against Edinburgh.
Said Summers: "It's going to be a tough meeting for sure, but I think we have more strength at the lower end compared with everyone else.
"Being on TV definitely adds a little bit more pressure and you've got to try and not think about it, and just do what you would do in a normal meeting."

IPSWICH have signed Joe Jacobs as a replacement for Paco Castagna, subject to BSPA approval.
It's a third change of the season already for the Witches as they look to turn their campaign around.
Team manager Ritchie Hawkins said: "Joe has been desperate for the meetings and the opportunity and he has been doing well of late for Belle Vue; it's nice to give a young local lad a chance.
"It's very sad to let Paco go - he's a top lad and has been a pleasure to manage but we have not seen the best of him.”

NEWCASTLE star Robert Lambert says there's still more to come from him - despite piling up the points at No.1!
Lambert told Speedway Star: "Riding in the Premier League is helping me and I'm enjoying my first season with Newcastle; I think it was a great move for me.
"I've still been making a few mistakes, so there are things I need to improve on and I need to keep working hard."

PETERBOROUGH promoter Ged Rathbone insists all the pressure is on Somerset ahead of their Knockout Cup clash tonight (Tuesday).
Said Rathbone: "Somerset's record against us in recent times makes them huge favourites, but that also means that they are under all of the pressure.
"It is a tie where we have very little to lose, but a hell of a lot to gain against a side who have become our bogey team."

PLYMOUTH are desperate to stop rivals Somerset progressing further in the League Cup when they host the Rebels on Thursday.
Devils team manager Lee Trigger said: "Although we can't progress ourselves, we will be doing all in our power to stop Somerset, although we know that will not be easy as they are a powerful unit.
"After losing at home to Ipswich last week, our priority will be to get back to winning ways."

REDCAR boss Jitendra Duffill admits he was frustrated to only draw with high-flying Sheffield last Friday - as the result means the Bears are now without a win in 12 meetings.
Said Duffill: "It was another last heat decider last week and again we fell just short of victory.
"I'm sure that it must be very exciting to see so many meetings go to the wire as a spectator but as Team Manager I'd much rather we were able to sew the meeting up before heat 15.
“Our top five did a superb job and Tobias Busch looks to have plenty of potential. I am certain that he will only get better as the year goes on but things will not be easy for him as he will be at No.1 next week.”

RYE HOUSE racer Peter Karger has thanked the club for sticking by him after enduring a tough start to his British racing career.
Karger told Speedway Star: "I always wanted to come over to England and now I have finally had the chance with Rye House.
"They have been so supportive of me here as I think they know I can do better than I have been doing."

SCUNTHORPE's Alex Davies is confident he can make progress in the second half of the season for the Scorpions.
Davies told Speedway Star: "It's always hard to ride in a struggling team but everyone has bad patches and I've had mine.
"I'm due some good luck and hopefully it all comes together."

SHEFFIELD reserve Nathan Greaves believes more time on the bike will help him improve for the Tigers.
Greaves told the Sheffield Star: "I've been more consistent in recent weeks for Sheffield and while I'm relatively happy with my scores, I'm not where I want to be. "I've got a much busier schedule coming up and I think that will benefit me and see me scoring a few more points."

SOMERSET boss Garry May wants his side to build up a healthy lead from tonight's (Tuesday) Knockout Cup home tie against Peterborough ahead of Sunday's second leg.
Said May: "Although we turned Peterborough over on home shale earlier in the season, that counts for nothing.
"I don't set any targets in situations such as this as that can become a bit of a millstone as well as a distraction from the task in hand - we just want a lead to take to Peterborough."
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