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PL Fours - Riders announced!
Mon 18 Jul 2016 by BSPA Press Office
PETERBOROUGH promoter Ged Rathbone says everything is place for this weekend's Premier League Fours weekend spectacular.
All thirteen PL clubs are competing in the two-day event which features three semi-finals on Saturday and an Individual event for team members of non-Finalists and the Final itself on Sunday.

The Panthers have called in extra assistance to ensure the Showground circuit will be in prime condition throughout the weekend, with BSPA Chairman Keith Chapman also involved in the preparation work.

And there are a host of additional attractions across the weekend, including full evening entertainment available on Saturday.

Rathbone said: “We've got stacks of activities going on off-track in addition to the feast of racing on it, and I am proud for Peterborough Speedway to be staging an event of this magnitude.

“The goal was to create a festival for speedway – our very own Glastonbury if you like, minus all the mud of course! – and hopefully that is what we now have.

“I'm looking forward to welcoming fans from far and wide. Hopefully there will be a great turnout featuring everyone from Glasgow and Edinburgh in the north to Plymouth in the south.

“And I'm also optimistic that the new Fours format will appeal to fans of Elite League and National League clubs as well. This really is an event for all speedway supporters where they can have a weekend away at a very reasonable cost.”

GLASGOW: Richard Lawson, Aaron Summers, Richie Worrall, Fernando Garcia.
WORKINGTON: Ricky Wells, Claus Vissing, Kenneth Hansen, Rasmus Jensen.
SOMERSET: Josh Grajczonek, Rohan Tungate, Charles Wright, Paul Starke.
SCUNTHORPE: Josh Auty, Ryan Douglas, Michael Palm Toft, Carl Wilkinson.

SHEFFIELD: Simon Stead, Kyle Howarth, Dimitri Berge, Josh Bates.
NEWCASTLE: Steve Worrall, Robert Lambert, Victor Palovaara, Lewis Rose.
PLYMOUTH: Brady Kurtz, Todd Kurtz, Kyle Newman, Jack Holder.
REDCAR: David Bellego, Hugh Skidmore, Lasse Bjerre, Jonas B Andersen.

EDINBURGH: Sam Masters, Kevin Wolbert, Ryan Fisher, Erik Riss.
IPSWICH: Danny King, Nico Covatti, Ben Barker, Morten Risager.
RYE HOUSE: Leigh Lanham, Cameron Heeps, Stuart Robson, Edward Kennett.
BERWICK: Kevin Doolan, Thomas Jorgensen, Theo Pijper, Matthew Wethers.

FINAL: Three semi-final winners + Peterborough.
PETERBOROUGH: Craig Cook, Nikolaj B Jakobsen, Ulrich Ostergaard, Tom Perry.

Tickets are priced at £20 per day for adults, or £30 for a two-day pass. Rates for children aged 12-16 are £7.50 and £10 respectively. Children under the age of 12 gain free entry. Tickets can be bought through http://www.speedwaygb.co/plfours
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