Due to demand Tai Woffinden is now to do an EXTRA SHOW at Workington earlier the same day!
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Redcar v Comets - without Kenneth but with R/R!
Photo by Dave Payne
Thu 11 Aug 2016 by Comets Press Office
The Comets travel over to Redcar today in search of Premier League points but they have to do so without the services of Kenneth Hansen, who has to ride for his Swedish team in their play-off Quarterfinal first leg.
However, the Comets received official confirmation late yesterday afternoon that their request for a facility has been approved and so they will utilise Rider Replacement for Kenneth, which means that everyone except Ricky is eligible to take a Rider Replacement ride.

The Comets will utilise Rider Replacement at number four this evening, so they will line-up as follows:

Workington ‘Thomas Armstrong' Comets
1 Ricky Wells (captain) 8.48
2 Mason Campton 5.63
3 Rasmus Jensen 6.06
4 Rider Replacement for Kenneth Hansen 7.40
5 Claus Vissing 8.27
6 Adam Roynon 5.29
7 Matt Williamson 3.39
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