Comets v Lakeside meeting will NOT go ahead tonight (Monday) stay tuned for details!
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Adam OUT and Liam Carr IN for tonight at Newcastle!
Photo by Dave Payne
Mon 12 Sep 2016 by Comets Press Office
The Comets go into tonight's crunch away meeting at Newcastle without reserve Adam Roynon who is suffering the after-effects of his fall at Peterborough on Friday evening.
Adam crashed in his second ride and sustained an impact injury to his left shoulder and although he was able to race on Saturday with it strapped up and with lots of 'Deep Heat' on it he wrenched it again when he spectacularly lifted as he exited turn four in his opening ride.

However, by Sunday it had stiffened up considerably and it now needs a week of rest in order to be fit for next weekend.

Team manager Tony Jackson said: "Saturday wasn't too bad for Adam as obviously our track is smooth with large corners, which helped Adam, however after two days of riding he was a bit second hand by Sunday and he needs to rest it in order to be fit for next weekend.

"As we all know, the Newcastle track is much tighter and puts a far greater strain on the shoulders as you have to turn the bike so much harder, so it was always going to be a problem after taking such a knock.

"But, we are very grateful to Berwick's Liam Carr for agreeing to step in and help us out at Newcastle."
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