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Edinburgh 52 Comets 40 - match report
Photo by Dave Payne
Fri 05 May 2017 by Comets Press Office
It proved to be another night of heartache for the Comets at Armadale as they went down 52-40 to the Monarchs on an evening where yet again several pieces of luck went against the Comets.
Already going into the meeting without inspirational skipper and former Monarch Craig Cook, who was on his way to Lonigo in Italy for a Grand Prix qualifier, the Comets' guest Steve Worrall saw his evening ruined before he had even reached the first corner of the opening heat when he tangled with Edinburgh number one Sam Masters (see above photo); causing extensive damage to his machine.

This forced him to have to take many parts from his number two bike to get that one fixed, although by his own admission it didn't seem to handle the same afterwards; while the accident also caused an oil leak into his clutch basket, which led to further problems, leaving him very dejected and apologetic at the end of the night.

The re-run of the opening heat saw the Comets captain for the night, Mason, slow and fall while holding third place on turn four of the second lap after the low sun caused problems with his visibility.

Then, following another shared race in heat 2 (which was won by the Monarchs guest from Berwick, Dany Gappmaier - who was replacing the in-form Mark Riss; who like Craig was also en-route to a Grand Prix qualifier), heat 3 saw Ty excluded for exceeding the two minute time allowance when his machine developed problems as it came onto the track and he was replaced by Matt, who finished second behind Erik Riss in a third successive Monarchs 4-2.

However, that sequence was broken when Thomas shot from the outside gate to lead home former Comet Ricky Wells and, in doing so, inflict what became the only defeat of the night on Ricky.

A surprise Monarchs 5-1 over Mason and a clearly uncomfortable Steve Worrall in the next saw the Monarchs open up a 10-point gap, which led to the fast-starting Thomas being given a tactical ride in heat 6.

But, with Masters just edging him in the run to the first turn, Thomas had to settle for second place despite chasing him all the way in what became a 4-4 shared heat to maintain the 10-point gap.

When Ty's bike once again failed as he took to the track Mason loaned him his machine and, after just beating the two-minute time allowance, he came home in third place behind Adam and race winner Ricky for another shared heat.

Mason's bike was in action in the next, but this time with Mason aboard as he led from tape to flag and, with reserve change Matt coming home in third place ahead of Mitchell Davey, the Comets had their first heat advantage of the night as they cut the Monarchs lead to eight points.

Another win for Thomas in a shared heat 9 was followed by a Monarchs 4-2 in heat 10 as Masters led home Ty, who was again mounted on Mason's machine.

Heat 11 turned into arguably the race of the night as Mason out-gated his workshop partner Ricky as they fought a terrific duel for three laps with Mason holding the upper hand until he suffered a puncture towards the end of lap three, which saw Ricky pass him and pull away to win another shared heat while Steve Worrall followed Mason home.

An excellent ride from Ty, yet again on Mason's machine, saw him win heat 12 ahead of Erik Riss and, with Matt coming home in third place the Comets cut the gap to eight points for a second time before a Monarchs 5-1 in heat 13 gave Edinburgh victory.

A tape to flag success for Matt in heat 14 over Gappmaier and Clegg, while Adam fell on turn one of the third lap, saw Matt finish the evening on a high but the shared heat ended any hopes of the Comets taking a match point away from Armadale.

Then, in heat 15, Ricky led from the gate from Thomas and Mason (whose machine was doing its eighth race of the night) with Erik Riss at the back, as the seventh shared heat of the night saw the Monarchs maintain their 12-point advantage to run out 52-40 winners.

Edinburgh 'Parsons Peebles' Monarchs 52
Sam Masters (c) 11+1, Josh Pickering 5, Erik Riss 9+1, Max Clegg 6+2, Ricky Wells 14, Dany Gappmaier (guest) 5, Mitchell Davey 2+1.

Workington 'Thomas Armstrong' Comets 40
Steve Worrall (guest) 3+1, Mason Campton (c) 7+1, Ty Proctor 6+1, Adam Roynon 2, Thomas Jorgensen 13, Matt Williamson 9, Rob Shuttleworth 0.

Referee: Michael Breckon.
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