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Comets Sign Young Brit Sarjeant
Photo by Dave Payne
Mon 08 May 2017 by Comets Press Office
Workington Speedway have moved quickly to sign young British rider James Sarjeant to replace Adam Roynon in the side subject to the normal BSPA approvals.
James, who finished with a 20 match rolling average for Ipswich last season of 5.80 was unlucky to miss out on a team place for the start of this season, but then had a temporary team place with the Witches as a 'stand-in' for the injured Kyle Newman.

With his British rider reduction of 2.5% he signs for the Comets on 5.66 and will slot into the team at number 4 and ride alongside his good friend Ty Proctor.

Twenty-three year-old James has recently invested in some new equipment, having had engine trouble this season and snapped up the chance to ride; with a deal agreed quickly once discussions started.

Steve Whitehead, Co Promoter said: “Dropping Adam Roynon was such a hard thing to do, he is such a likeable lad, gets on well with the riders, management and fans but he just wasn't doing what he or we expected, it was so difficult to watch him struggle; in the last 3 home meetings he scored 3,3 and 2 and I think that's what made us have a re-think.

"We stuck by him last season and this season we really thought he would kick on but he hasn't and we had no other option except to make a change; hopefully Adam will find his mojo again somewhere.

"The new averages come out soon and with Cookie and Matt's averages going to jump up quite a bit we needed to make a move whilst we had decent points to play with.

”Adam will get our 100% commitment to his testimonial in September and we will work with him to ensure it's a great success.

”It is funny to read people saying that we have no loyalty to our riders when Laura has been one of, if not, the most loyal, to a fault, in the last 5 years and have always supported our riders rather than sacking. But we move on and we welcome James and are delighted to offer a young Brit the chance to ride in the Championship.”

Laura Morgan, owner of the Comets said: “We welcome James and hope he can score us the 5 or 6 points a meeting we need from that position, we have started the season okay but the draw against Redcar and the fact we should be scoring more points consistently across the team is something we had to sort.

”I'm sorry to have to let Adam go but we have to move on and as I keep saying speedway is a results driven business, both for club and rider, and we made a business decision.”
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