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Comets 53 Berwick 40 - match report
Photo by Dave Payne
Sat 13 May 2017 by Comets Press Office
The Comets racked up another three Championship points at Derwent Park tonight with a 53-40 victory over the Berwick Bandits.
SGB Championship

After five heats the scores were locked level at 15-15 but the Comets pulled away in the middle third of the meeting to secure what was a comfortable victory in the end over their oldest rivals.

That middle section of the meeting saw the Comets claim three 5-1's as they went on to open up a 14-point lead by the heat 10 interval.

The Bandits were forced to operate Rider Replacement for Lewis Bridger, who had apparently been taken ill on his way up north.

Berwick provided five race winners, but four of those were accredited to Nick Morris, who was their only real threat as he went on to pick up 16+1, including taking six points from a tactical ride in heat 11, with his only defeat by a Comet coming at the hands of Craig Cook in the opening heat. However, he would surely have lost to Cook for a second time in heat 13 if the Comets number one had not lost a chain when exiting turn 2 on the second lap when well in front.

The only significant support that Morris had was the 8 points scored by the Bandits 'comeback man' David Howe on his debut for the club, while Kevin Doolan was their only other race winner when he took the chequered flag in heat 14.

The Comets had five different race winners and four riders in double-figures as they proved to be too strong for their visitors overall, while Mason Campton made changes to his set-up after a last place in heat 1 to then go unbeaten by a visiting rider after that.

Ty Proctor looked impressive aboard his new engine while he also featured in the race of the night when he and Morris passed and re-passed throughout heat 5 before Morris just got ahead in the run to the chequered flag.

However, the key performance of the night for the Comets came from reserve Matt Williamson, whose 11+2 score was his best ever for the club.

WORKINGTON 'Thomas Armstrong' COMETS 53
BERWICK 'Olympus Marquees' BANDITS 40
SGB Championship match points: Workington 3 Berwick 0

Craig Cook (c) 10+1, Mason Campton 8+1, Ty Proctor 10+1, James Sarjeant 2+1, Thomas Jorgensen 11+1, Matt Williamson 11+2, Rob Shuttleworth 1.

Nick Morris 16+1, Jye Etheridge 4, David Howe 8, Kevin Doolan (c) 5+2, Lewis Bridger R/R, Dany Gappmaier 3, Lee Payne 4+1.

Heat Details:
1: Cook, Etheridge, Morris, Campton, 62.9 (3-3)
2: Williamson, Payne, Shuttleworth, Gappmaier (f), 64.4 (7-5)
3: Proctor, Howe, Doolan, Sarjeant, 64.5 (10-8)
4: Jorgensen, Gappmaier, Payne, Shuttleworth, 64.9 (13-11)
5: Morris, Proctor, Etheridge, Sarjeant, 64.6 (15-15)
6: Campton, Cook, Gappmaier, Etheridge, 65.6 (20-16)
7: Jorgensen, Howe, Doolan, Shuttleworth, 64.9 (23-19)
8: Campton, Williamson, Etheridge, Payne, 65.7 (28-20)
9: Proctor, Howe, Sarjeant, Gappmaier, 65.4 (32-22)
10: Cook, Campton, Howe, Doolan, 64.7 (37-23)
11: (re-run) Morris^, Jorgensen, Williamson, Etheridge, 64.1 (40-29)
12: Williamson, Proctor, Howe, Gappmaier, 65.6 (45-30)
13: Morris, Jorgensen, Payne, Cook (ret), 65.0 (47-34)
14: Doolan, Williamson, Sarjeant, Gappmaier, 65.8 (50-37)
15: Morris, Cook, Jorgensen, Doolan, 65.3 (53-40)

Referee: Stuart Wilson
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