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Comets 51 Edinburgh 42 - match report
Photo by Dave Payne
Sun 21 May 2017 by Comets Press Office
The Comets produced an excellent all-round team display to defeat the table-topping Edinburgh Monarchs 51-42 at Derwent Park.
Sunday, May 21st

An all-round team effort saw the Comets gain a well-deserved victory over the top of the table Monarchs in an entertaining match on a sunny evening at Derwent Park in front of a good-sized crowd.

The Comets provided nine race-winners and registered all three 5-1's in the match while the visitors six heat wins were spread over five riders with Sam Masters being the only Monarch to win two races!

The Comets victory was founded on back to back 5-1's in heats 1 and 2, which gave them an instant eight-point advantage.

Thirtieth Birthday Boy Craig Cook led the Comets attack with four race wins making up his tally of 12 points along with an uncharacteristic last place in heat 13 after being shut out by the Monarchs either side of him on the run to the first turn; but by concentrating on Craig this enabled Thomas to take the outside line and win the race in style.

Earlier Thomas had been involved in a superb heat 11 when him and former Comet Ricky Wells swapped places throughout behind race-leader Matt Williamson as Thomas tried to fight off the attentions of Ricky to team-ride Matt home. But, as they came off the last bend Ricky was just able to split them on the run towards the chequered flag.

Nevertheless, the Comets still gained a 4-2 heat advantage from that race, which put them ten points ahead, which allowed Edinburgh to give Erik Riss a tactical ride in heat 12. However, the challenge facing Riss was made considerably easier when Ty Proctor shed a chain on the start line and, despite Matt making the gate, Riss was able to pass him as they entered the back straight on the opening lap to race away to a comfortable six points.

With Matt holding off the only other finisher, Mitchell Davey, the Monarchs 7-2 saw the Comets lead halved to just five points. But, with the next two heats being shared the Comets only needed to register a point from heat 15 to guarantee victory.

The Monarchs had choice of gate positions and tracked Ricky from gate 1 and Sam Masters in gate 3, but despite being out-gated, the Comets pairing of Craig (gate 2) and Thomas (gate 4) hit the front on the back straight of the first lap and headed for home; with Thomas capping a great night's work to hold off the attentions of Sam Masters.

The ensuing heat advantage meant that not only had the Comets won the match but that they had prevented the Monarchs leaving with a match point, which could prove crucial later in the season when all teams are chasing a top-four play-off place!

WORKINGTON 'Thomas Armstrong' COMETS 51
EDINBURGH 'Parsons Peebles' MONARCHS 42
SGB Championship
Match points: Workington 3 Edinburgh 0

Craig Cook (c) 12, Mason Campton 6+1, Ty Proctor 5, James Sarjeant 5+1, Thomas Jorgensen 11+1, Matt Williamson 9+1, Rob Shuttleworth 3+2.

Ricky Wells 7+1, Mark Riss 4, Erik Riss 11+1, Josh Pickering 3+1, Sam Masters (c) 11, Max Clegg 1, Mitchell Davey 5.

Referee: Michael Breckon

1: Cook, Campton, Wells, M.Riss, 62.8 (5-1)
2: Williamson, Shuttleworth, Clegg, Davey, 63.8 (10-2)
3: Proctor, Pickering, E.Riss, Sarjeant, 63.3 (13-5)
4: Masters, Jorgensen, Shuttleworth, Davey (ret), 63.1 (16-8)
5: Wells, Sarjeant, M.Riss, Proctor, 63.3 (18-12)
6: Cook, Masters, Campton, Clegg, 62.9 (22-14)
7: Jorgensen, E.Riss, Pickering, Williamson (ret), 63.7 (25-17)
8: (re-run) M.Riss, Campton, Davey, Shuttleworth, 64.6 (27-21)
9: Masters, Proctor, Sarjeant, Clegg, 64.0 (30-24)
10: Cook, E.Riss, Campton, Pickering, 64.0 (34-26)
11: Williamson, Wells, Jorgensen, M.Riss, 66.6 (38-28)
12: E.Riss^, Williamson, Davey, Proctor (ret), 65.1 (40-35)
13: Jorgensen, Masters, Wells, Cook, 65.0 (43-38)
14: Davey, Sarjeant, Williamson, Pickering, 66.4 (46-41)
15: Cook, Jorgensen, Masters, Wells, 64.4 (51-42)
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